General Patton Would Have Slapped Sarah in the Face, and Kicked Her in the Backside!


Sarah Palin uses any and everyone for her political benefit, without giving much thought to the implications of what she is doing.  In a twitter remark, Grandma Palin made a reference to George Patton’s Christmas Card, saying:

General Patton’s Christmas card during fierce battles for freedom is surely deemed politically incorrect today“…

Here is the card and prayer that was written by Chaplain Fr. James O’Neill for the 250,000 troops under Patton’s command in the Third Army:


While many readers may be familiar with the Christmas Card, what Patton is most famous for that was “politically incorrect” was his treatment of “quitters.”

“In its nearly 250-year history, the United States Army produced few such callous leaders — it’s doubtful if the American public would have tolerated them. They certainly didn’t when it came to the firebrand George S. Patton. The outspoken and flamboyant general unleashed a storm of controversy when he famously berated and then struck two shell-shocked soldiers during the Allied campaign in Sicily. Amazingly, the fallout from the incidents very nearly ended his career.”

“It was Aug. 3 and Patton’s Seventh Army, fresh from its victory at Palermo, was driving on Messina. While touring the units under his command, “Old Blood and Guts” as he was known stopped at the 15th Evacuation Field Hospital at Nicosia to pay his respects to casualties being treated there. As Patton visited the recovery ward, he spied Charles Kuhl a rifleman with the 26th Infantry huddled on a supply crate. The 18-year-old private had been pulled from combat to recuperate from what doctors characterized as battle fatigue (today it would be considered post-traumatic stress disorder). Kuhl, who was also racked with malaria and dysentery, reportedly had a 102-degree fever at the time. The general asked the rifleman about his injuries.“I guess I can’t take it,” came the young man’s unsteady reply.  Patton exploded. As hospital staff looked on in disbelief, the general yanked the soldier to his feet, called him a coward and slapped him across the face with a leather glove. The enraged general then chased the youth from the tent with a kick to the backside. Kuhl was moved by hospital staff to another tent and treated for his illness.”

Sarah Palin praises George Patton and his troops for their bravery and victory in the Battle of the Bulge.  The amazing thing is that had Patton been alive to know Sarah Palin, the quitter, he would have treated her worse than the sick soldier.  Can you imagine what he would have said about Track Palin, the jeep driver, who abused his pregnant girlfriend?  Sarah Palin never fought for our country, contracted malaria, contracted dysentery, or suffered from ptsd.  Yet serving as Governor, from her cozy warm office, was too challenging for Sarah.

In his Training Letter No 5, dated Dec. 14, 1944 , Patton wrote ” We have no quitters.”

 Surely if Patton were alive today, the first thing he’d do that was “politically incorrect” would be to banish Sarah, the quitter, to clean toilets for prisoners of war.



7 thoughts on “General Patton Would Have Slapped Sarah in the Face, and Kicked Her in the Backside!

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  1. Enjoyed this one, Malia. Your first sentence is a perfect definition of the Wasilla loon. She attaches herself to anyone or anything to appear relevant. She is a quitter and an unemployed 52 year old who doesn’t have a REAL job, and hasn’t worked full time since 2009 – almost 8 years! It appears the only “work” she has been doing for months is attaching articles from other sources to her Facebook or Twitter and adding enough comment to imply it is from her and worth reading. What a crock!
    Is she still trying to get Trump’s attention for the VA cabinet post? Highly unlikely that she would be chosen, but look at who Trump has selected so far! And, if she were chosen, based on her temperament and ignorance, there is no way she would make it through the confirmation process!

    Thanks again for all you have done, Malia. Enjoy your blog.


    1. Sharon,
      Thanks for reading. I think she is trying to associate herself with veterans as much as possible right now in hopes the Trump will still pick her. I predict that the reason he has waited is that he’s going to do it during this holiday season, so most people won’t be reading.


    1. JUst Sayin,
      Couldn’t you just see Patton with cigar in hand yelling and laughing at her as he ran over her, telling her to reload!


  2. I wonder what Patton thinks of soldiers who need someone to tie up the enemy and work the rifle so that she/he can shoot at the target.
    How about a soldier who needs metal detectors, no cameras, recorders, or firearms, just to give a talk?


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