A Christmas Present from Painchipeater

I always enjoy comments from “painchipeater”.  He has left us a special gift on this Christmas holiday.  Hope this helps brighten your Christmas day!…Thanks painchipeater!


This is not funny anymore. Putin is on a three day vodka bender. He is pissed that this old guy on a sleigh is giving away free plastic garbage with out a tarrif.

Trump is pissed that oboma won’t give him the nuke codes. Comrad putin and trump were going skeet nuclear shooting for this santa bastard. Now putin is the only one who can nuke santa.

Trump and putin will be back at it in 30 days or so. They will play nuke chess these guys have a ton of fun together.

Sarah is in on the fun. Putin gave her an ounce of yellow cake uranium. She has been snorting it all day. She said she likes the buzz but hates it when her teeth fall out and her bones itch.

Todd is into it big time. Winter is coming is all he talks about. He is ready for a nuclear winter that will last 10 years or so. He is planning ahead by storing food water and really young hookers.

After the fallout he will corner the hooker market. Supply and demand is what this business man is about.

Trump is building his legacy. Instead of oboma care he will call the new health plan “trump I don’t care”

It will be universal for every citizen who can’t get in a bunker. Everyone will be covered under this plan and nuclear fallout.

There won’t be much to worry about plus the new health care plan is expected to cost zero dollars a year.

This is a great man

Putin/trump 2020


6 thoughts on “A Christmas Present from Painchipeater

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  1. So far Christmas has been grate. I woke up and saw a dirty stocking hanging from the furnace in my room. Inside was the biggest lump of coal I every got.

    It was so big it’s stuck in my throat. I would have chewed on this fine pansylvania coal but Todd sold my last tooth on eBay last week.

    Sarah loaned me the torch from her crack pipe to help burn it out. All it did was char it a little. I do like the smokey flavor. It’s like getting two present in one.

    I will remember this Christmas and the third degree burns for a long time. I am researching the half life of coal right now. If it doesn’t work it’s way out in a few years I will change my name to coalchipeater.

    Well I hope everyone else enjoys the holidays as much as me.

    Merry putinmass and happy last New Years!


    1. painchipeater,
      You made all our holidays a little jollier. Let’s hope this is the last year we will be talking about Grandma Palin.


      1. Grandma palin is like a virus. Sarahs litter of children are breeding like rabbits. I think there are a whole bunch of Grandmas coming.

        Sarah is looking out for her grand children. She is working on a new reality show with trump. its kind of like 14 and pregnate meets the apprentice.

        Trump is leasing this big white house he stole last month to film the show.

        Todd is the recruitment czar and trump personally interviews the hot ones. The minister of propaganda has said the show will air 24 hours a day 7 days a week on all channels.

        Trump also appointed the shamwow guy from the infomercials to mop up the swamp of people who do not agree with him. This is going to be a great year.

        the city glowing on the hill.


      2. painchipeater,
        We have been watching to see if Sarah will receive a cabinet position, but perhaps it is Todd he’ll appoint as his appointment secretary!


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