Trump Signals The End is Near


President-elect Donald Trump turned to Twitter  to call for the US to increase the capability of its nuclear arsenal.

Pause for a moment to consider the outrageous nature of the President-elect making reference to something so serious as nuclear weapons on something so trivial as Twitter.  Many people have lost sight of the danger presented by a nuclear war.  We speak about a nuclear bomb with confidence that nobody would be so foolish as to initiate a nuclear war.  For years America has been a proponent of reducing its nuclear weapons.  In fact on June 19, 2013, Obama released a  fact sheet on its updated nuclear weapons policy. The Nuclear Posture Review Implementation Study (NPRIS) reported that the United States could safely reduce the number of strategic nuclear weapons by up to one-third below the current levels. Further, the NPRIS stated that the U.S. could do this unilaterally, but prefers to reduce through a negotiated agreement with Russia. Yet Donald Trump feels current levels, which were set by the 2010 New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START), are already controversially low until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes.”

The truth is that there are over 15,500 nuclear weapons in the world, with the majority held in America and Russia.  It is estimated that the United States has 7100 and Russia has 7300.

It is predicted that if there were a nuclear war between the United States and Russia, it would result in a mass extinction event that would occur, similar to what happened 65 million years ago, when the dinosaurs were wiped out following a large asteroid impact with Earth (70% of species became extinct, including all animals greater than 25 kilograms in weight).  If such a calamity were to occur it is likely that even humans living in shelters equipped with many years worth of food, water, energy, and medical supplies would probably not survive in the hostile post-war environment.


So the logical question is why would Donald Trump advocate increased nuclear proliferation for any country.  Why isn’t he planning to use his special relationship with Vladimir Putin to get a mutual agreement to reduce, not increase nuclear weapons?  Forget the potential consequences of a nuclear war.  Just the cost of building more nuclear weapons would likely result in adding billions to the ever increasing national debt.  How can any person living on the planet fail to see the unthinkable danger that nuclear proliferation presents for America, and the world?


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  1. Here is what one person has offered as possible answer to the question of what is going on with Trump and our nukes.

    Trump and Putin: The worst case scenario

    On Dec. 22, president-elect Donald Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin both announced that they intend to increase their respective countries’ nuclear arsenals. Their use of language eerily paralleled each other. “The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes,” Trump tweeted. “Russia should fortify its military nuclear potential and develop missiles that can penetrate any missile-defense system,” Putin said at a defense ministry meeting.

    The joint statements set off speculation that the United States and Russia are planning an increase in nuclear capacity that is in stark contrast to standard anti-proliferation policy.

    This is an erroneous interpretation. Trump and Putin aren’t heading to war with each other—they’re heading to war together. Trump is a vociferous defender and admirer of Putin and is suspected by multiple intelligence experts of being assisted and even co-opted by the Kremlin. Russian interference in the US election has been affirmed by multiple US intelligence agencies and has led to calls for a congressional investigation. Rather than engaging in an arms race against each other, Trump and Putin are possibly teaming up as nuclear partners against shared targets.

    The article continues at the link.


  2. It’s all about making money for defense contractors and bringing on the end of the world by whatever means necessary. That has always been the Republican way and it always will be until they completely destroy the planet and our species right along with it. It’s a party full of selfish narcissistic pricks and total dumb fucks. There is no in between.


    1. 12eagle,
      What really makes me saddest is the fact the members of the GOP will no longer stand up to Trump when he says or does things that are so destructive to the country.


      1. The ignorant fools in the GOP bought into all the religious talibangelical lies. Raptured, Left Behind, all that Tim Lahaye, Jerry Falwell, Newt Gingrich Ronald Reagan bullshit.

        That’s why all the RWNJ jeebus freaks got on the Agent Orange for President Crazy Train. It’s full speed ahead and all downhill to Lac Megantic with no brakes or engineer!

        We are stardust; we may glowing and recycled into interplanetary dust sooner than we think.


  3. Donald Trump is about to destroy this entire planet.

    It is too late after the codes are entered and buttons are pushed.


  4. This is not funny anymore. Putin is on a three day vodka bender. He is pissed that this old guy on a sleigh is giving away free plastic garbage with out a tarrif.

    Trump is pissed that oboma won’t give him the nuke codes. Comrad putin and trump were going skeet nuclear shooting for this santa bastard. Now putin is the only one who can nuke santa.

    Trump and putin will be back at it in 30 days or so. They will play nuke chess these guys have a ton of fun together.

    Sarah is in on the fun. Putin gave her an ounce of yellow cake uranium. She has been snorting it all day. She said she likes the buzz but hates it when her teeth fall out and her bones itch.

    Todd is into it big time. Winter is coming is all he talks about. He is ready for a nuclear winter that will last 10 years or so. He is planning ahead by storing food water and really young hookers.

    After the fallout he will corner the hooker market. Supply and demand is what this business man is about.

    Trump is building his legacy. Instead of oboma care he will call the new health plan “trump I don’t care”

    It will be universal for every citizen who can’t get in a bunker. Everyone will be covered under this plan and nuclear fallout.

    There won’t be much to worry about plus the new health care plan is expected to cost zero dollars a year.

    This is a great man

    Putin/trump 2020


  5. And that’s what you get with a President who skips security briefings, a tech-tard. If the Idiot in chief spent some time learning about weaponry, he’d find out that the next generation weapon, EMP missile, kills no one…..directly.

    It just kills electronics, basically the powder and guidance in a nuke. Over a city, it wipes out all electrical devices. No heat, fuel, light, rides, ATM, bank balances, phones. It fries the $15,000 in computers running your new car. They should call this the Back to the Stone Age weapon.

    Trump’s nukes are just useless radioactive warheads sitting on top of a tube full of fried electronics. Symbolic of his orange head.


  6. Do we believe there are more bad humans than Good humans? I want to believe that there are more Good People on Earth. Merry Christmas Malia and Everyone. Keep the faith and hope and trust that Good will prevail.


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