Trump’s Unprecidential Presidential Tweet



Trump took to Twitter to complain about China’s “unpresidented” act.  I’m not a good speller, but I know how to use spell check, and I’m not the President-elect.  We know Trump can afford to hire help to edit his tweets, but he obviously chose not to do so.  I’d call that pretty unpresidential!




3 thoughts on “Trump’s Unprecidential Presidential Tweet

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  1. Now we know how poorly informed Donald can be. Where was he when the Chinese sub surfaced undetected, next to one of our aircraft carriers, in the middle of our high tech fleet.
    F’ing idiot has no clue, never lived in a neighborhood with yards and vacant lots. Our stuff goes in China’s yard, theirs goes in ours. Stuff get left in the vacant lot.
    “Finders keepers, dipshit!”


  2. This will be an endless stream of issues like this for the next 4 years. It is so bad, Gingrich suggested that the ethics laws be changed for trump. How low does it have to go???


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