Does Anyone Remember that Rick Perry Called Trump a “Cancer on Conservatism”?


Rick Perry is most famous for his “Oops” Moment when he was unable to remember three things while speaking during the Republican Debate.

The third agency of government Perry couldn’t remember, but wanted to eliminate was  energy.  Now that Trump has tapped Perry to be his Energy Secretary, everyone is talking about whether Perry will eliminate the very agency he has been designated to run.  What people should be talking about was Trump’s remarks suggesting that Rick Perry should have to take an IQ test.


Have people forgotten what Rick Perry called Donald Trump?  Perry said Trump was  a candidate who was:

“propelled by anger”

“appealing to the worst instincts in the human condition”

“he provides a barking carnival act that can best be described as Trumpism”

“a toxic mix of demagoguery and mean spiritedness that will lead the Republican Party to perdition”

“Trump’s candidacy is a cancer on conservatism, and it must be diagnosed, excised , and discarded.”




Now that Trump has won the nomination, it seems Perry has become part of the tumor that is growing in America.  It’s called the Donald Trump administration.  It doesn’t seem to matter what was previously said about Trump.  Now that Trump is in power, Republicans seem to have forgotten what they said and thought about Donald Trump.  Trump seems to have forgotten that Rick Perry was under indictment for abuse of power.

Even more problematic than Perry’s previous remarks about Trump, is the blatant conflict of interest Perry has regarding the energy sector in America.


 The Dakota Access Pipeline Project is a new approximate 1,172-mile, 30-inch diameter pipeline that will connect the rapidly expanding Bakken and Three Forks production areas in North Dakota to Patoka, Illinois. The pipeline will enable domestically produced light sweet crude oil from North Dakota to reach major refining markets.  The pipeline is estimated to transport approximately 470,000 barrels per day, with a capacity as high as 570,000 barrels per day. Shippers will be able to access multiple markets, including the Texas crude oil terminal facility of Sunoco Logistics Partners.

Trump’s nomination of Perry comes despite Perry’s ties to the Dakota Access pipeline battle. He sits on the corporate board for Energy Transfer Partners, the parent company of Dakota Access LLC, which is pushing to build the pipeline.

While the Obama administration blocked the Dakota Access Pipeline easement through Lake Oahe, the Trump administration likely would go in a different direction.

The president-elect, has previously invested in Energy Transfer Partners, and supports the pipeline.  Now the department will be helmed by a man whose biggest fan — as measured by donations supporting Perry’s presidential bids — is Kelcy Warren, CEO of Energy Transfer Partners, the company behind the controversial pipeline. Warren gave super PACs supporting Perry’s presidential bid $6 million last year, though he got nearly $4.5 million of it back after Perry dropped out.

And beyond that, Perry is on the board of directors of Energy Transfer Partners — a position he would have to relinquish if he’s to become secretary.


His biggest outside backer, Make Us Great Again (sound familiar?), spent almost $4 million trying to get Perry to the White House, with large donations coming from Dallas-based Contran Corp., formerly headed by now-deceased GOP funder Harold Simmons ($1 million); Kelcy Warren and Darwin Deason again ($250,000 each); and trial lawyer Tony Buzbee (also $250,000), who became Perry’s general counsel two years later when a grand jury indicted him on two felony counts.


Perry’s personal holdings also reflect his comfort level with the fossil fuel industry. The financial disclosure form he filed in July 2015 indicated that his wife owned up to $15,000 in Energy Transfer stock, along with the same amount of another pipeline company and of Sunoco Logistics, the future operator of the pipeline being protested at Standing Rock. (According to Reuters, Sunoco Logistics outdoes all its competitors in spilled crude.)

Perry himself has stock in QR Energy, Gray Rock Energy and other companies in the oil and gas industry.

Perry joined ETP in February 2015, shortly after he left the governor’s office. As Mother Jones reported last summer, he kept his spot on the company’s board even as he launched a presidential campaign. According to SEC filings, ETP paid Perry $236,820 in 2015. In the past, Perry’s business entanglements would have represented an unusual conflict of interest for a presidential candidate, but in this election cycle, they were overshadowed by Trump’s massive web of conflicts.


Perry’s ties to the company proved beneficial to his brief presidential campaign last year. At the same time Perry sat on the board, ETP CEO Kelcy Warren poured millions of dollars into Perry’s political ambitions. Warren was involved in both Perry’s official and unofficial campaign organizations. He served as the official campaign’s finance chairman, and he chipped in $6 million to super-PACs backing Perry.

Perry has been a vocal advocate for the Dakota Access Pipeline. In early 2015—just days before he joined ETP’s board and four months before he officially launched his presidential bid—Perry said on local Iowa TV that he favored building the pipeline, which would pass through Iowa if completed. “We probably have as safe a pipeline industry in the country as there is in the world,” he boasted.

The Energy Department plays no formal role in approving pipeline construction. But as a Cabinet-level official, Perry could have a voice in administration decisions on these areas. That’s a red flag for opponents of the project. “As a Cabinet member with presumably a significant financial stake in ETP, I think the burden should be on him to formally recuse himself from any discussions about the pipeline,” Phillip Ellis of Earthjustice, which represents activists attempting to block the pipeline, said by email.


On February 3, two weeks after ending his term as governor, Perry took a position on the corporate board of Energy Transfer Partners, a Texas-based pipeline company that transports natural gas and crude oil. “The Board selected Mr. Perry to serve as a director because of his vast experience as an executive in the highest office of state government,” ETP’s website says. “In addition, Mr. Perry has been involved in finance and budget planning processes throughout his career in government as a member of the Texas House Appropriations Committee, the Legislative Budget Board and as Governor.”

In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, ETP said Perry could “receive cash compensation” as well as “equity compensation.” The company declined to disclose how much Perry will be paid for the gig and isn’t required to file disclosures revealing that figure until next year, but in the past the post has come with about $50,000 in annual salary. “You can expect compensation to be along the same lines as what was [last] reported,” an ETP spokesperson wrote in an email to Mother Jones.

Rick Perry is himself a part of the Cancerous Tumor that is threatening the very life of America.

2 thoughts on “Does Anyone Remember that Rick Perry Called Trump a “Cancer on Conservatism”?

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  1. Oh yes I remember perry. I also remember trump calling all 15 candidates nasty names and insults like a bully. And then he paraded them into his tower to degrade and humiliate them and rub it in public eyes. And they smile and bow as they are shown the door/ Wave to the camera he says.


  2. They are all a bunch of Koch-suckers. They do a great job of sucking each others’ dicks as well.
    I have never been more disgusted with this country than I am today. And I was around during the Viet Nam war…


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