Trump Teaches Sarah to Tweet!


Yesterday Donald Trump tweeted four times during a 24 hour period.  Because Twitter only allows 140 characters per tweet, including spaces, the writers and readers have to use limited brain power to read or write on Twitter.  The average word in the English language has only 5 letters, so with a space added for each word, Tweets would not allow more than 28 words per thought.

It seems that Sarah Palin is following Trump’s lead and converting her social presence from Facebook posts to Tweets.  She has tweeted 5 times in the last 24 hours.

Just because somebody posts a tweet, doesn’t mean they are smart, insightful,or worthy of reading.


The reality is that Twitter presents a concise way to say what we are thinking about Sarah Palin the idiot.


“When you’re a public figure who courts attention, you can’t sue ppl for making jokes. Freedom of Speech girllllyyyyy,”

“Lol and then the next part where she’s like ‘I will speak for trump and say he denounces his endorsement’ haha.”

“Everyone can tell you’re spreading them cheeks for Mr. Trump Sarah .. you ain’t got to lie.”

“The most famous tweet insulting Palin came from Louis CK.  It was more colorful than most tweets.

I think we should all us the #sarahpalinisanidiot which is already a trending topic!  Funny thing is that there is similar # for Trump…#trumpisanidiot.


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