Things You Should Know About Donald Trump



Everyone should know about the President-Elect.



10 thoughts on “Things You Should Know About Donald Trump

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  1. Malia – Too much of that slideshow on Trump is just an array of lame photos and some of the copy is out of date. We need harder hitting journalism from the very media who helped put this monster into the White House. They owe America that.


  2. I like the way that Obama addressed false news. Funny thing. The media is not covering that part of the speech.

    The media, cable news and Facebook promoted/allowed alarmingly false propaganda. We now know the Russians were a big part of that.

    Obviously Trump does not appear able or want to be centrist in lieu of all that is coming forth. Quite the contrary. So his interest is not this country. It is oligarchy.

    Maybe he will keep stringing out on speed like Sarah and really screw up.
    This is not the only source of info on his speed use.

    Funny thing. I heard he was a speed freak when I did my stores’ boutique buying in Manhattan the 80’s … and I saw a lot more to substantiate that fact from the night life. The Plaza’s Junior League “safe floor” for women was an ongoing source of this man/child/pig’s behavior about town.

    I should have had the bastard killed when I could.

    Not posting under my usual name for obvious reasons.


  3. tRump is going to be the WORST President in history. He is not qualified to be President. Look at his cabinet picks. The only thing he could do to make it worse for the American people would be tapping $arah for the VA. I think we’all be thinking of Bush/Cheney as “the good old days.”


    1. Deni,
      I am afraid you are right! When the election was over I thought the only way we could survive was if he selected good leaders to run the government, but alas…that’s not happening!


  4. Several forms of communication were affected and used satellites, which control tv, cell phones, gps, internet, energy grid, and many other type public services. Russians in space.


  5. When Tramp’s taxpayer-funded stay in Washington is over, they are going to have to hose down the White House in some sort of space-grade degreaser, create a perimeter of burning sage bushes, and do a complete demon spirit removal.

    The good news is this detox system has been ready for use since Palin was up for 1400 Pennsylvania Ave in ’08.

    ps. Barron, run for the orphanage, it’s your only chance.


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