Jon Stewart Revealed Sarah Palin’s Ties to Russia Long Ago

It was a 2011 segment in which Jon Stewart concluded that Sarah Palin might be a Russian spy!  It was funny then.  It’s even funnier now.



Do you think that’s the reason she endorsed Trump?


7 thoughts on “Jon Stewart Revealed Sarah Palin’s Ties to Russia Long Ago

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  1. I thought I would update you on the Russian front. President elect Putin really has a good plan. He is building his cabinet with people who are loyal or retarded or both.

    His prison bitch trump is doing a great job. I think it is obvious he is the best tweeting puppet prisident ever.

    Sarah is finally getting a cabinet position. She is running the department of unicorns and snipe. The job entails defending the ussr-USA from these horrible animals.

    If she keeps her focus on watching reality shows and dress shows while cooking crack she will do fine.

    Back to work. We are getting stone chisel and decorating the Putin memorial. The Putin monument and the Putin mall.


    1. Painchipeater,
      I hear Alaska is doing a reality show featuring Putin and Todd in Alaska. It’s called “Putin does Alaska” and they will get a 2 million dollar tax credit. Bristol has offered to supply the lead actress for the show.


  2. Morning Loud mouth friends of trump ask, does anyone think that trump will trump Our Constitution? and do we think Russia and alt trump friends, scientologist associates and objectivist buddies had anything at all to do with it? A hacked rigged election in the usa is normal and his close republican ties said so on record. I don’t know about you but I have heard enough and Hope that President Obama takes legal action immediately..


  3. Bristol vacations with Russian girly friend in RV and Ivanka vacations with putins girlfriend. And don sells property to Russian fertilizer salesman in florida. And sarah gets giddy when Russian phone calls from putin come through. And sarah and don have pizza. So don hires the master oil drill baby drill driller to be the mouth of America around the polluted world. What are the connections? Gosh I don’t know? Why would Russia want trump cruz bush or somebody other than senator sanders or Clinton? black texas tea anyone. power, control?


    1. I hope PutiPut GF WendyDeng aka the “Dragon lady” is a US spy instead of “Gyina” (trumps saying of china) I hope she is documenting all this for US!


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