Somebody Still Thinks Sarah Palin is the “Woman of the Year” !!!


Can I get a hallelujah?  Somebody still thinks Sarah Palin if a force for good, and especially for women.

In spite of repeated opportunities to realize what an idiot Sarah Palin is, somebody on the right persist in worship of Sarah Palin.

The American Thinker blog today identifies the half-term-ex-Governor-turned grandma-and hitchhiker,


as the “woman of the year”.  The misguided, and derranged article referrs to “Palin’s feminist populism” and calls her a “Kingmaker” in political races across the American landscape.”  The author, foolish man, Ben Voth, suggested that Palin should never have been mocked for being a quitter, and that she was responsible for Trump’s election.


Voth concludes his insightful observations by reporting that:

“There has been no celebration of the feminism embodied in the female leaders of Trump today such as Ivanka Trump, Hope Hicks, and Kelly Conway. Palin was a forerunner of the kind of countercultural resistance to identity-based politics played by American Jacobins. The inauguration of Donald Trump will be Sarah Palin’s revenge, and it will pose a long-term threat to identity politics as we have long known it.

It seems Voth has missed the fact that Palin has already attacked the Donald, calling his deal with Carrier “crony capitalism.”

It seems Voth has missed the fact that Palin never commented of the savage remarks and attitudes of Trump toward women.

Voth cites Kellyanne Conway as an example of the feminists that Trump surrounds himself with.  I guess Voth didn’t know:

  1.  That Conway demanded her daughter change out of a turquoise shirt to honor Betsy Ross.
  2. Conway’s husband is an attorney who represented Paula Jones.
  3. Conway previously supported Ted Cruz.
  4. Conway criticized Hillary Clinton over Bill Clinton’s extramarital relationships, saying, according to Rolling Stone:”The fact is that Hillary Clinton could not stand up to a cheating husband, so how in the world would she stand up to North Korea and some of our other enemies around the globe?” In 2004, Conway said on CNN that Clinton “wasn’t popular until her husband treated her like a doormat,” Rolling Stone said.  Conway criticizes Hillary for being a victim, when Trump was the one who treated his wives like dormats.
  5. Conway also said that “ conservatives want women “to see that there’s even an alternative to the progressive, liberal orthodoxy that has every woman constantly thinking about abortion, contraception, being a victim of the patriarchy” …conservatives present “an alternative of fun, engaging accomplished women.”

Voth cited Hope Hicks as one of the women associated with Trump who is a feminist.  It seems that he has no basis for calling Hicks a “feminist” other than her gender.  She is a former model.

Ivanka Trump is also identified by Voth as an example of the “feminist” who surround Trump.  It seems Voth forgot that Donald doesn’t talk about how smart or accomplished his daughter is professionally.  He talked about the size of her breasts, that he like to date her,


Nobody is talking about what Ivanka did to change her appearance to be more pleasing to her father.

Even though Ivanka has made a point of claiming to value maternity leave, the Washington Post reports that the company that designs and distributes Trump’s clothing line gives no maternity leave to its workers. One of the company’s female workers reportedly drained her vacation days and used up her savings to afford her pregnancy.  “Ivanka Trump is not going to use her winning hand to help women. She’s going to use it to play them. “

Ben Voth makes the inexcusable mistake of calling women in general, and Sarah Palin in particular, a feminist.  It seems that his only way to identify a feminist is to focus on gender.  Even Sarah Palin has rejected that label.



Palin has said that feminism is OVER!



7 thoughts on “Somebody Still Thinks Sarah Palin is the “Woman of the Year” !!!

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  1. Stephen King (or Franz Kafka in his day) would be challenged to come up with the ‘reality’ these folks live in. It’s beyond bizarre how these idiots think. They are completely untethered from sanity. They live in a world of absolute absurdity and denial.


  2. Hi Malia =

    No doubt you are following the latest news concerning the Electors wanting briefings on the Russian hacks. Who knows whether this will make a difference – In any event Trump’s election is clouded in smut.


  3. Sarah is “Woman of the Year” is a third rate rag?
    Good thing she is not being considered for any job running anything. She could not even run water.

    Sarah tweets her assistance on HuffPo.

    How generous of her in the holiday season to keep a wonky eye on Alaska!


  4. and Russia loves her.. What was Bristol’s Russian gal pal in Las vegas to RVing with love. Marina? was that pootin girl? and the phone call that sara took from the fake putin years ago? (o)


  5. Ben Voth is among the many who are trapped in the denial-of-self, thanks to an outmoded misunderstanding of a god that tells them sex is bad.

    Ben, buddy, you could have said truthfully in six words what you didn’t say in 500: “I Want To F*ck Sarah Palin”.


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