Soldiers Wage War Against Appointment of Sarah Palin


It was November 30th that Sarah Palin was reported to have been asking the Trump team to appoint her to be Secretary of Veteran Affairs. Just a couple of days later, on December 2nd Palin was reported to have attacked Trump for his deal with Carrier as an example of  “crony capitalism.” Certainly that would suggest that the Trump team may have told Sarah , not NO, but HELL NO!  That would explain Palin’s willingness to attack Trump, after previously attempting to support Trump, even though she appeared to be speaking a foreign language.

It appears American veterans aren’t happy with even the possibility that Trump would consider appointing Palin as Secretary of Veterans affairs.  From jobs to health care to finding homes and the ongoing problem of veterans’ suicides, Veterans seem to be in need of a serious leader to help them find solutions.  They need someone who knows and understands the problems that our vets are facing.

Initially veterans came together to demand an apology from Trump as a result of his insults toward the parents of a Muslim-American soldie who was killed in action, giving his life to protect his fellow soldiers.

Now, vets have come together to protest the potential appointment of Sarah Palin as the Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs.  Veterans were reportedly horrified at the prospect that Palin might be chosen to represent their interests.



Citing her lack of military service and general dearth of qualifications, veterans took to social media to express their displeasure with Trump’s potential choice.

Sarah Palin is a supremely terrible pick for the Veterans Affairs Secretary. Being the furthest thing you could be from either a veteran or a doctor, she would be in charge of an intricate healthcare system in desperate need of reform and 300,000 employees. Here are just a few examples of comments from Vets to describe what an unmitigated disaster Sarah Palin would be a the Secretary of Veteran Affairs:



If Sarah Palin gets the job to head the VA, us Veterans are Fucked! She can’t even run water!

Sarah Palin over the VA just let’s me know Trump gives two fucks about veterans. Like the many times he disrespected us during his campaign

In 2014 an average of 20 Veterans committed suicide every day.  Imagine  the mass suicides that might result if vets felt Sarah Palin was their only hope towards having a better life!  Imagine the mass suicides that might result if Veterans felt the President of the United States was so unconcerned with helping them that he would appoint somebody so ignorant and inexperienced as Sarah Palin.


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  1. If Palin is overlooked for the VA position, I am sure that Trump will reward her endorsement with another role. How about Daily Intelligence Officer? She could be the tweeting liaison between CIA intel and Trump’s tweeter. With her erudite musings she could thoroughly confuse the hell out of everybody on the planet and sabotage the “smart guy” at the same time. God must have put her on earth for some reason. Unless, it was a terrible joke.

    Every day this horror grows. What is going to stop it?

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    1. laurensd1,
      I think God put Sarah Palin on the planet for the same reason he gave us cancer. I’m not sure what he was trying to teach us, but both can be nightmares, and when a person is free of both there is a great sense of elation!

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  2. Malia –

    This is OT but thought you or one of your readers could refresh my memory on something.
    Much is in the press right now about Russia doing all they could to back a Trump win. Along with that were the Wikileaks and Comey doing his thing.
    Somewhere in the back of my mind I remember Hil or some of her backers warning that Russia was behind the Wikileaks. Also I seem to recall one of them saying Trump has made comments that – at that time – had not been leaked. Then the leaks kept coming out and he did reference some comments in the leaks. Did I totally get this wrong? Anyone who can help me flesh this out – for sure there is going to be an investigation and either Trump or one of his minions was in on it all the time.
    Did you read the latest IM post about Nate Silver?
    Scary world we are in right now.


  3. Somewhere in the most important unaltered documents in Our Smithsonian vault such as the original Constitution, Bill of Rights is the remedy of this Election issue. Somewhere in the language in those documents will explain espionage, treason, traitors along with rigged elections due to it and what to do about. President Obama must stay in office until resolved. He cannot hand over America until the remedy. Numbered ballots, chain of custody and all states on the same system. The modern voting procedure is too open for corruption. A simple numbered system.


  4. The screenshot of Sarah “endorsing” Trump says it all.
    A very confused woman, who refuses to see and hear, who refuses growth and transcendence and awareness and consciousness, who refuses to heal, who waits for salvation from a separate punishing judgmental mythical god and so does not and cannot and will not take responsibility for her own self.


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