Trump Reveals the Presidency of the U.S. is a Part-time Job

Donald Trump has announed Arnold Schwarzenegger will be the next star of Celebrity Apprentice.


Arnold is 69 years old.  To suggest that he has past his prime is like suggesting that Sarah Palin isn’t too bright.



Arnold Schwarzenegger, Donald Trump’s chosen successor on Celebrity Apprentice, made it clear that he would not vote for the Donald due to Trump’s disrespectful treatment of women in the Access Hollywood bus conversation with Billy Bush.  It’s a sad day for American women when we have to look to Arnold, the man who fathered a child with his housekeeper while married to Maria, to set the standard for appropriate treatment of women.

The even more amazing thing is that Trump has announced that he will remain the executive producer of Celebrity Apprentice, while serving as the President of the United States.  Certainly most people would consider a job as the executive producer of a television show to be a full time job.  Trump will make a handsome “five-figure per-show fee” as well as “ongoing   profits from the franchise.”    Imagine the world leaders Trump might ask to appear on his show.


Thank heavens that the Presidency isn’t a full-time job!

Donald Trump - Celebrity Style


16 thoughts on “Trump Reveals the Presidency of the U.S. is a Part-time Job

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  1. A part time job? Why because staff will run the country. I am thankful President Obama considers his job full time. And I am thankful that he has launched his own investigation regarding the rigged election and that report will be ready before he leaves office. If they find something it should be released before December 19 and before January 19 so that something can be done about it.


  2. Hooray for our side. ” For what its worth “, buffalo springfield. I am feeling happy tonight. President Obama ordered a full investigation and dots are connected. The election was rigged. Snowden helped. And the American People should expect an Immediate Constitutional Remedy to this outrageous crime against America. Trump cannot take office under false fraudulent actions. This alone must disqualify him immediately. He knew about it. He cannot appoint assign or nominate anything. He must be denied briefings. His cabinet must be dissolved, dismissed and denied. A new election. period. President Obama must remain in office until resolved and we elect a USA President.


  3. Well, it looks like Donald is going after George’s record. Our last GOP president set a record for vacation days. He was constantly clearing brush in Crawford, Texas or playing golf. And these guys definitely do not like government housing, even if it has a pastry chef.


  4. what do you expect from someone who thinks “i don’t like astronauts who circled the moon, i prefer ones who actually landed on the moon”.

    also guess with the new appointment of puzder, donald is signaling his intent to pimp out melania for the next carl’s jr. commercial and make a bit of money off of that as well.


  5. If Melania had any hair on her balls she would file for divorce immediately. Just walk away from the whole thing and resume her life in pornography.


      1. Advance Directive,
        I think it’s part of her image, as if she is the example of an ugly woman who trump parades around to promote the image of a man who doesn’t only surround himself with beautiful women. The funny thing is that Trump and KellyMan Conway and Trump rarely appear together.


    1. Advance Directive,
      I think she’ll wait till Trump is inaugurated to ask for a divorce, as she could make much more money as the ex-first-lady.


  6. Faux News and other right wingers were outraged when Obama had the audacity to play golf. What a totally out-of-touch elitist! Now where’s the righteous indignation when their Donald plays golf, and even worse, owns golf courses?

    Real Americans don’t play golf. I’ve never played golf. Therefore, I’m a real American. Come to think of it, that logic is almost Trumpian.


    1. steve,’Everyone needs some down-time, so I don’t really care what you do for recreation as long as it doesn’t harm someone else. However to allow Trump to work another job while President is simply stunning!


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