Sarah Palin’s Got Her “Panties in a Wad”


Sarah Palin didn’t call for a boycott of Black Santa because he was described as white in the Bible.  She didn’t get coal from the Black Santa.  She hasn’t become friends with Shailey Tripp.  She hasn’t produced a birth certificate for Trig.    She hasn’t returned Bristol’s ring.  She hasn’t made any more blueberry pie,


any nobody knows what happened to the Palin Thanksgiving?!


(Did Trig recover from the Thanksgiving-choke-hold?)

Sarah hasn’t been seen doing any more rock running,






or brawling.


Perhaps nobody cares if she isn’t doing these things, but we are certain that Palin has her “panties in a wad”

because Trump hasn’t found a position for her in his cabinet yet.


I know she’s be mentioned for Energy Secretary, Interior Secretary, and now she’s even gone so far as to tell the Trump team that she want’s the position as Secretary of Veterans affairs.  Maybe she could arrange to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him about her wish too!


11 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s Got Her “Panties in a Wad”

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  1. She is going to lose it when she meets Jesus. He is said to have coloring similar to Bob Marley. She will probably tell God that Jesus was white, not a mix of African and Arabic.


      1. Well yes indeed. Something? The swamp is full of something alright. It is either something juicy on t odd or t rump. You can bet t rump knows why ms palin resigned and quit. That never looks good on a resume.


  2. I wonder if Don the Con is going to give Simple Sarah any crumbs at all? The ‘warrior’ son and the MOH connection (plus her constant trumpeting about veterans) didn’t appear to work for her. She never stops conniving.


    1. Just _a_Mote,
      I think he has no respect for her as he knows she is an idiot and her looks have faded. You know he doesn’t respect women for anything but their looks. If he does appoint her to the VA, you know then what he thinks of Veterans.


  3. Malia –

    Hi. Hope you are well.
    Do you think….finally we are seeing the last gasps, spasms, efforts of someone who has finally been banished to the frozen tundra? She does not have the following or MONEY of the people Trump is bringing into the fold. She no longer serves his purpose. How sad – when she thought she was helping him!!! (To help herself!!)


    1. Pat,
      I’m fine. I was out this week at the International Stem Cell Summit in Palm Beach,so I couldn’t respond to comments as much as I would have liked. I predict that Trump will have nothing to do with her, but I guess we shall see.


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