Could Hillary Still Become the Next President?

A movement is afoot to change the system in the United STates for election of our President.  We have used the electorial college system for decades, even thought is has likely become outdated.  Some democrats are advocating repeal of the electoral college system, and instead relying upon the popular vote.  Of course Hillary won the election based on the popular vote.

Hillary won the popular vote by 2.6 Million votes.


The President is not actually elected until the members of the electoral college cast their votes on Dec. 19th.  If something happened before that day, (i.e. Trump’s tax returns were produced), there is a possibility the members of the electoral college could justify changing thier votes to represent the will of the people after having all the information.  My FOIA request for Trump’s tax returns was filed on November 21, 2016.  Thus if the current administration chose to comply with the 20 day requirement set forth in the FOIA, and produce the tax returns of Trump, the information would be available before the 19th.  While it may be unlikely that this might happen, it seems equally unlikely that Donald Trump  would ever be President of the United States.


7 thoughts on “Could Hillary Still Become the Next President?

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  1. Trump did the math and you just have to looks at the facts. If you look at the bill of writes then you can do some simple math.

    If you take the blacks and Mexicans and count the as 3/5 of a vote and multiply the by .1 percent of the Muslim vote the answer is simple. He won.

    Putin out of the kindness of his heart helped us do the recounts. He only billed trump 1.5 billion for the service.

    The 2.6 million votes Hillary clams is nothing compared to the receipts he got for bought votes. He is a business man who made an investment and deserves to be a profit.


  2. Not-Breaking-News:

    Bristol Palin has never been raped.
    Nor will Bristol Palin ever be raped.

    You can’t rape the willing.


  3. Trump said the election was rigged and America believes him and the world knows it to be true. The 2016 American Presidential Election was rigged. Yep. Enough delicious Christmas fudge to spin the electoral. Merry Christmas America


  4. Trump is in over his head and slowly learning why you need experienced public servants in politics. Fed and private industry are very different culturally and procedurally.


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