Glenn Beck Suggests Sarah Palin has had Aneurysm


Glenn Beck on his program called out Sarah Palin



5 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Suggests Sarah Palin has had Aneurysm

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  1. I’m reminded of back when this unholy duo used to be pals. Beck was interviewing Palin with the backdrop of the Statue of Liberty and he asked her which was her favorite Founding Father. And just like that inane answer she gave to Katie Couric about which news sources she read, Palin again replied “All of them.” After some pressure from Beck (and reading an answer from staff on her Blackberry), Palin finally decided Washington rose to the top!

    Now Beck has apparently decided his alt-Right stance for the last several years has been wrong and like the Spy Who Came in From the Cold, Beck now wants to be re-embraced by mainstream media. Who knows if he’s sincere (Call me a cynic), but the good news is that Beck has landed like a ton of bricks on Palin and Trump. If the Right can shift away from Trump and become part of the base that criticizes his unpresidential behavior, all the better. If Beck’s transformation is sincere, he will be a Trump-basher. The irony of both of them falling in love and out of love with Trump is delicious.


  2. Interesting how uninvolved she appears to be in trumpland takeover for last 2 yrs. But we know better don’t we? She has been cruzin and busy tilling the manure.


  3. I’m not a doctor, nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn Express, but Palin is just a great example of untreated mental illness. She is at the age where it takes a sharp turn from quirky to off the rails. We watched it slowly progress for eight years. Now the lunacy has lost all sense of direction.


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