Sarah Palin Owes America An Apology!

Friday I posted an article about Sarah Palin’s attack on Trump.


 Sarah was critical of Trump’s favoritism shown toward United Technologies Corp., a company based out of Indiana. The deal, negotiated my Mike Pence, the Vice President-elect, and current Governor of Indiana, granted United Technologies Corp with a 7 MILLION DOLLAR TAX BREAK OVER 10 YEARS, to encourage the company to keep only one-third of the 2100 jobs it was planning to outsource to Mexico in America. United Technologies also gets a tax credit from the state of Indiana for keeping 300 research jobs in Indiana that it had not planned to send to Mexico!  In addition, United Technologies will still close a second plant in Huntington Indiana and move those 700 jobs to Mexico.  United Technologies also makes Pratt &Whitney jet engines and Otis elevators.  It employs roughly 200,000 people but only one-third of them are employed in the U.S.  That means that Mr. Trump, who hasn’t even been inaugurated has rushed to negotiate a deal to keep an estimated 700 jobs in the US with a company who sends over 100,000 jobs overseas.  No wonder Donald Trump has convinced people he is a great negotiator, while filing bankruptcy four times!


For the last 7 years Sarah Palin has served as the criticizer in chief, while she totally and completely failed to take responsibility for any positive improvements in her city,state, country, church, or special needs son.  She was the person Fox News could always count on to be critical of President Obama.  The implicit understanding was that if the American people had elected John McCain and Sarah Palin, instead of Obama and Biden, that things would have been better for America.  Now, seven years later she endorsed Donald Trump.  Now that people have taken her advice, and elected Trump, he has already signaled what a total disaster he’ll be as the next President of the United States.  Less than one month after the election, and before Trump has been inaugurated, Sarah Palin has begun to be critical of Trump.  There may never be a more glaring example of the danger in following the advice of a quitter.  It is easy to criticize if you don’t have to take responsibility for anything.  It is easy to second guess politicians who try their best and are frustrated with less than perfect outcomes.

Make no mistake.  I don’t intend to suggest that Donald Trump has, or ever had, altruistic motives.  Make no mistake, I don’t believe Sarah Palin ever knew enough about Donald Trump to decide if he would actually be a good President.  I believe Sarah Palin simply decided that the endorsement of Donald Trump would make, and perhaps keep, her relevant.  Now that he is unwilling to keep her relevant, she has turned against him.  Trump’s favoritism of Carrier/United Technologies Corp is the very type of deal that Donald Trump has himself admitted to being involved with for years.  Trump has made no attempt to address the thousands of jobs that are being sent abroad, or even address the thousands of jobs that United Technologies Corp., in particular, is sending abroad.    Sarah Palin has done the country a disservice to endorse, and campaign for, a person that is destined to send America into further decline.  It is not enough that Sarah Palin now criticizes Donald Trump.  She owes America an apology for pretending to have the knowledge and experience to evaluate who was the best candidate for President.  Sarah owes America an apology for recommending Donald Trump for the Presidency when he was clearly the worst candidate for the Presidency in her life-time.  Sarah owes America an apology for pretending to care about America, when she clearly only cares about herself.



An apology from Sarah Palin to America for all the pain she has inflicted over the last 8 years wouldn’t solve the multitude of problems she has caused, but even a 2 years old understands the importance of saying you are sorry!



16 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Owes America An Apology!

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  1. She has done so much damage. She seems to be absolutely filled with hate and bitterness.
    She and her family have lived off of SarahPAC – hopefully that will soon die as contributions are not what they once were – and her spending has not diminished.
    What is left for her? Obviously, not a role in the Trump administration. She is not taken seriously by anyone with half a brain. So again – what is left for her? Well – maybe riding on the coattails of her MOH “son in law”? Although I do not see him accomplishing much.
    Wouldn’t it be great if she would just disappear in her anger and hate? I know – too much to hope for.
    She will continue spouting her vile comments and will never understand she is the cause of her own demise.


    1. Pat,
      I hope, and predict that her recent criticism of trump signals the end for her! Where does she go now? Neither the Gop or the Trump administration will have anything to do with her!


  2. I will take this one step further Malia! I blame the entire hateful evil Republican party along with the likes of ms palin, fox news nation, brietbart, and the other various blow hards. During the years between 1999-2009 in question were the bush years of chaney, rums, rove, and others. They did such a great job on outsourcing, and military contract fudging that we got bombed by their friends. Then they continued in 09. The signing of the pledge to deny all cooperation, compromise and budget. The Republican Party sold out Americans, they deteriorated our infrastructure, they deny education, science and pollution, they behaved like delinquent adolescent criminals, jeopardized our entire grid and security, they have caused our roads and bridges to become dangerous. They infected our healthcare system with their selfish non social agenda and cost. The list goes on………but it is high time that Americans remember who caused terrorism in America, the 911 attacks, the deficit, the bailouts, the hate and racism, the militia’s, the gun lobby, citizen united and more. It is time to write history for this chapter.
    As far as trump. Sara was more than likely hired on that famous pizza dinner with her friend trump to organize the hacked election job we are experiencing today. As we know from one of the first books out that I happened to read on 08 from the loyal palin campaign worker that wrote the blind allegience or ? she turned on him, she likes blogs, comments, and with her bud trump and his eavesdropping practice at all his homes and resorts and such. Bingo!!! The Art of the nasty deal and how to manipulate and win an election. Hack attack rig lie cheat and steal.


      1. Yes. If we can prove it? I think we the people have the best legal scholars working on this. And this includes you Malia. I so appreciate your most interesting work and dedication to law and justice. Thank you. We can prove it and will if given enough evidence, facts and information which I believe we have already. Applying the law and constitution to the complaint with clear convincing evidence will make for a great chapter in history for the American people.


  3. Malia – Sarah sold her soul to Trump believing she would get a job in his administration. It didn’t happen. Sarah finally figured it out and got pissed, posting to Facebook about Trump’s carrier deal. If Sarah thinks Trump is going to change or say anything about her comments, she is delusional! Trump doesn’t care about Sarah – he used her! It was obvious when she wasn’t invited to the republican convention. But, Sarah is so dumb she thought it was just because she lived too far away and he would still give her a job in his administration. She campaigned for him a few days before the election. Trump ignored her. Pence ignored her. Sarah still believed she would get something out of her endorsement of Trump.
    Sarah, Willow, and Piper traveled to NYC to attend Trump’s election party on November 8th, but Sarah, Willow, and Piper were not invited to the Trump/Pence “inner circle” party, and instead were relegated to the little kids table outside the main party. Sarah still supported Trump. But, when she found out she wasn’t on a list for a cabinet position, it finally sunk into her thick skull! And, that is when she went mental about it writing the Facebook post about the carrier deal. She is probably still hoping Trump will call her. It isn’t going to happen. Trump used her and kicked her to the curb. She was conned by the biggest scammer of them all – Trump!!!! LOL


    1. I kinda think sarah may have jeopardized the trumpet scam with her hack and attack style, the Russian connection, her gee missy set ups and lies that will send many to jail due to her ignorance. Remember a couple of months ago, she had a complete meltdown and said her career was ruined forever. I believe she screwed up and will be indicted for extortion, deformation and several other charges.


    2. And john sold his soul and hired sarah the barracuda palin in 08. Its a stinky little outhouse of bribes, extortion and giggles for them. But now the big whiz of is is thinks he’s in charge. And it aint pretty!!! Hoping for relief and to the electoral to drain the swamp. (: ))))whew(((


  4. Malia — I know you don’t really expect an apology from either Palin or Trump. Neither is capable of the self-knowledge it takes to admit humans make mistakes. Their own sense of superiority precludes this kind of perspective.


  5. How the hell did she win that Wasilla beauty pageant in 1984 – did all the other contestants have mustaches or something?

    If the pageant judges had graded the contestants’ hearts, attitude, empathy, and selflessness – no doubt Sarah would have been escorted out of the building, and into the forest, where some wild bears might have taken her far away.

    ps. Piper should be in jail.


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