Stephen Colbert Reports on Romney Having Dinner With Trump, Eating Crow

5 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert Reports on Romney Having Dinner With Trump, Eating Crow

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  1. Too me it confirms what a bunch of shallow lying people with other people’s money will do. I think Romney appears to be a rat and liar. I think some religious folks are not nice in reality. Some say that they are frauds liars and will work for the devil cheap. Americans must demand all transition in the trumped election come to a halt and those responsible for hacking our grid/communication satellites brought to justice now. We cannot move on to another day until this rigged election is corrected. America demands trump to stop, drop and resign.


      1. Malia just like the election in 08 and our sarah. It is a combination of information, players, records, history and articles that caught our interest. In this election not only primary was tampered with, the general too! More than likely Senator Sanders won primary with the actual new movement for change. And on the other side, trump bullied his way up out of 16. If you circled the wagons around trump buddies? It forms a picture of hackers, communication experts, media buddies, friends in high places and ties to foreign gov, investment interest, etc.
        This is a global citizen united type effort for control Malia, as in other countries this year. It is a large combination of information and players that confirm the complaint of “rigged”. You cannot put your finger on any one article or person to blame or file against. But you can pull records and info on each player and get a picture to work with. And you will find this was a pre meditated effort by global thugs. It was a huge effort but was not perfect. And building a case? difficult. But possible. Simply put? Citizen United was very worried about Senator Sanders winning.


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