Sarah Palin’s Attack of Trump Signals Two Things

It’s been less than one month since the election, and Sarah Palin is already attacking her candidate, Donald Trump!  Trump was the one who said that he was the only one that could fix they system of croney  caapitalism.

Many people have heard about Trump negotiating with Carrier.  In exchange for allowing United Technologies to continue to offshore more than 1,000 jobs, Trump will reportedly give the company tax and regulatory favors that the corporation has sought. Just a short few months ago, Trump was pledging to force United Technologies to “pay a damn tax.” He was insisting on very steep tariffs for companies like Carrier that left the United States and wanted to sell their foreign-made products back in the United States. Instead of a damn tax, the company will be rewarded with a damn tax cut.  In addition the jobs that Carrier will keep in the U.S. are only HALF of the Carrier jobs in jeopardy.  The total jobs that were headed for Mexico was 2100.  Less than half, 1000, will stay in the U.S. if the Trump deal goes through.

Sarah Palin has now attacked Trump, before he’s even inaugurated, or appointed her to any cabinet position,  suggesting in an op-ed that the Trump deal is an example of the “crony capitalism” which was the very thing she said Trump would get rid of.

When government steps in arbitrarily with individual subsidies, favoring one business over others, it sets inconsistent, unfair, illogical precedent,” Palin wrote in a ‘Young Conservatives’ op-ed. “Republicans oppose this, remember? Instead, we support competition on a level playing field, remember? Because we know special interest crony capitalism is one big fail.”

Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence traveled to the Carrier plant in Indianapolis Thursday to tout the company agreeing to keep a thousand jobs in the city instead of shipping hundreds to Mexico.

Carrier said in a statement the agreement was due in part to the incoming administration’s lobbying as well as state tax incentives. Trump’s transition team has refused to publicly disclose the full details of the deal, but company officials said in a statement Thursday that the state of Indiana, where Pence is governor, offered the company a $7 million package over multiple years, contingent on factors including employment, job retention and capital investment.


Palin’s attack on Trump signals two things:

#1.  Palin didn’t see what the rest of us did about Donald Trump.  He is a savage who can’t be trusted, and would say or do anything he thought would help him get elected.

#2.  Palin must perceive that the Donald has no real intention of appointing her to any position in his cabinet, as she is already attacking him.  By attacking him so early, Palin can point to her attack as a reason that Trump didn’t appoint her to any cabinet position, rather than her lack of experience and judgment.

palin-trump-rally  trump-smirk


35 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s Attack of Trump Signals Two Things

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      1. Some folks have pulled info up that was submitted in other countries regarding properties/business, tax etc. Maybe their taxing and regulation area can provide more while waiting for FOIA.


  1. Hello Malia! It definitely sounds as if $arah has fallen out of favour with The Donald! She never goes on a rant like this, unless she was royally snubbed! The mere thought of that jack-ass even being considered for the VA post is insulting enough! Perhaps cooler, saner heads prevailed, and his team seen what an empty head she really is! The fake “combat vet” schtick may have proven to be an albatross for her; they weren’t buying it!


  2. I think it is a ploy. A lot of the names floated for various positions have been critical, even caustic about Trump during the campaign… think Romney.

    The Trump fiasco will be an hourly reality show with minute by minute drama which seems the only thing that feeds the orange beast.
    We had Carrier, Taiwan, the MI recount, and more companies leaving the U.S. according to orange man’s tweets. What better entry in the parade than Palin coming out with a coherent statement?.

    Diversion by Trump and the five/six college dropout is gleefully co-operating.. Sarah has that down to an art form, sorry to say.


    1. Howlermonkey,
      It suits her narrative, to position herself as a champion of the people and that’s why “Trump doesn’t want her.


  3. She isn’t bright enough to know that he is a mirror image of HER, only with a dady who could bail him out of bankruptcies and a cadre of lawyers to ensure that WE bailed him out of the rest. No, she was told that there would be NO Cabinet position for Sarah Palin (not even serving coffee,) so she had her current ghostwriter get nasty. I’m sure Donnie will not be bothering to tweet back (but who knows-he gets up to use the bathroom every hour, so Sarah may be treated to a tweet with her name in it.)
    The fact that she is right this time is interesting, but what took her so long?


  4. 3. She sees the clock ticking, down to 14 minutes and 59 seconds, as she is ignored by Trump. In attacking him, she’s just a drop in the sea of voices criticizing and satirizing the most unpopular elected official in history.


  5. Who’da thunk it? For sure Princess Sparklemoose knew that no Cabinet post was coming her way, but who could have expected her to turn on Trump AND articulate a legitimate grievance???
    Imagine Trump’s only term as president with constant carping coming from AK — and Trump striking back with ugly tweets about ‘dumb Palin’… and screwing AK as much as he can to show her who’s boss. Without Obama as a punching bag, Palin needs a new enemy. For now at least, Trump is it.

    This is not in keeping with the Christmas spirit for me to say this, but this fallout couldn’t have happened to a more deserving pair.


      1. Neo,
        You’re right of course, but I bet she’d accept and then quit allegedly because of some type of corruption!


  6. Hi Malia –

    Good article. I had not considered your #1. I think she will/would use anyone to further herself. He provided her lots of attention, opportunities to bare her ignorance and a critical tie to him.
    Your #2 is right on. There is no way she can get a position with him – even though he indicated there would be a spot for her if she wanted. Someone must have gotten through to him.


  7. I think simple Sarah is in a snit. Everything she does is to advance her self interest and bring in money and attention. I bet nothing is coming her way despite her word salad campaigning for Trump.


  8. Sarah Palin can you produce a birth certificate for any of your children? Sarah Palin what is your relationship with Shailey Tripp? What is your husband’s relationship with Shailey Tripp? Sarah Palin what do you think about the book Boys Will Be Boys?


    1. You sound as if you need a life. No wonder the D party is so problematic. You have no standards and a lot of hypocrisy. Sarah’s a good person because she doesn’t hate, isn’t mean, and is actually REAL with a real marriage that’s survived everything all other marriages survive and people like you cannot stand that. You say the Clintons have a great marriage when you don’t know them yet ignorantly opine on republican’s relationships and things you coundn’t possible know anything about. Shouldn’t you feel happy for a couple who despite dealing with asshole GOP in Alaska, always found family time, alone time, cabin time, or the needed vacations? Why are liberals jealous? Please don’t call me a troll. I do appreciate people here who want to get to the bottom of DC bullshit. But not at the expense of innocents who Malia and others frequently lie about. Really though, slandering a politicians KIDS is NEVER OK. I didn’t see any blog headlines discussing Obama’s 15 yr old at a party drinking vodka like we all did. H Y P O C…


      1. Lip,
        It’s fine to accuse me of lying, but you gotta tell me what I wrote that was a lie. Otherwise,you sound kinda pathetic.


  9. Sarah has never had a problem speaking disapproval no matter the political party. She doesn’t attack Trump, Cruz, Obama, Hillary. She isn’t an immature liberal who ONLY attacks (and commits libel.) She expresses concern or her suspicions when something doesn’t seen right to her.


    1. Sarah “expresses suspicious concern when something doesn’t seem right to her?”

      That means the reason for her to suck oxygen from this planet is because she is at odds with the universe.

      Holy popcorn, Batman!


    2. A ‘lip’ icia, you have been trying to attach your fat lips onto Bristol Palin’s hoohah since 2007. Bristol has been too busy with secret baby making strangers to be bothered with you. Restraining Orders are not enough to keep you away from stalking the Palins. Do your elderly parents claim you on their tax returns? Do you get a paycheck for all of the stupid Palin comments that you defecate all over the internet, using fake names?


  10. Her problem is she needs a shorter skirt. Yeah, that’s it. A shorter skirt.

    Although, she may just have to settle for ANY old VA she already has experience in:
    Vulva & Anal
    Valium Addiction
    Venomous Attitude
    Virtueless Asspirateing


  11. Malia – Good one! It seems consistent with a Sarah knee-jerk reaction to finding out she isn’t on the list for a cabinet post. Who would want Sarah Palin in charge of the VA? She isn’t a veteran! She hasn’t worked in 8 years. If she thinks having a veteran son and veteran son-in-law makes her qualified to be secretary of the VA, she is delusional! Sarah isn’t qualified. Sarah quit the last job she had. Sarah would have a difficult time making it through the “confirmation” process especially if she was provoked. She angers easily and tries to be humorous, but comes across as sarcastic bitch! Sarah Palin’s sex appeal is past the use by date. A tight skirt, fake boobs, and batting her eyelashes wouldn’t work either! Sarah would be wise to find a job soon instead of wasting the next 8 years grifting and drifting from one failure to another. Maybe she should call up Carrier and find out if they are hiring. LOL


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