Is Donald Trump Playing with Sarah Palin?


Thus Palin’s only experience in managing a large budget was a total disaster.  In 2009, her last year to serve as Governor of Alaska, she supervised 15,000 employees, just 285,000 fewer than the Secretary of Veterans Affairs would be supervising.  If she doesn’t have the experience to manage this huge number of employees, perhaps she thinks her degree in broadcast journalism will prepare her. …OH…probably not.
Trump may not be planning to appoint Sarah to any position? Even someone as uneducated as Trump realizes that Sarah Palin is clueless.  Maybe he’s just leaking this information simply to keep her quiet for a little longer.   Let’s hope that’s his plan.

7 thoughts on “Is Donald Trump Playing with Sarah Palin?

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  1. Trump is having a ton of fun with sara. He said he really wanted her to be in charge of vet trans affairs. So she went to todds brothel and went to the transvestite wing and started having affairs with old transvestite vetrans.
    It was funny.

    Then he made fun of her and she finnaly understood what he really meant. She went to a veterinary doctorie guy. He explaind what a vet does and she started catching on.

    She is working on a constipational amendment to the bill of writes to legalieze beastiality for vets.

    At least she understands the job this time not like when she ran for vice squad president.


    1. painchipeater,
      Palin thinks that her job for 4 years as the Secretary of VA affairs is to monitor the affairs the veterans have had, or are having, and making sure they know which bathroom to use.


      1. Plus, wouldn’t her job description entail the adequate supervision of appropriate medication? Sarah, being the rugged independent pioneer woman, no doubt would recruit her-very-ownself to gargle, snort, inject, cook and shoot the drugs first.

        This would indicate that she is learning on the job as quality control has obviously been neglected in the messed up VA system. Therefore, the austere lab will be completed with old oil drums using dollar bills from the office change drawer.

        Because Sarah is usually on her blackberries communicating, she will have ample time to let Todd know what’s in it for them.


  2. Someone allegedly precipitously leaked the advance budget breakdown of the $182,000,000,000 – were Palin to successfully commit to 4 years of buffet-style pussy-grabbing from the Trump clan:

    1. $181,999,999,995.44 for 4 years of personal “haircuts” for Sarah Palin, payable (and tax-exempt) to undocumented hairdresser Willow Palin.

    2. $4.56, payable to VA employees for performing their services.


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