Perhaps Trump is Fearful of FOIA Request for His Tax Returns?


It was November 21st that I filed a FOIA request asking for the tax returns of Donald Trump.  The reason I thought the government might actually produce the documents, even though a tax return is normally considered to be private and confidential, was there was an “over-riding public interest” in getting this information.  The public has a right to know if a decision Trump makes as president might be affected by a personal financial investment he has.

Today, in a tweet, Trump has announced that he would be leaving his business “in total” to focus on running the country.  He explained that he would outline the plan in a Dec. 15 news conference with his family.    The choice of the 15th is coincidental as the federal government is required by law to respond to the FOIA request within 20 working days. Twenty working days would run on the very next day, December 16th.  The fact that Trump might give up control of his investments is not a sufficient divestment of his interest in the investment.  For example, if Donald Trump owned the Dallas Cowboys, and  if he gave up control over decisions about which players to recruit, he would still have a vested interest in the team if he retained ownership.  If Vladimir Putin gave $50 million dollars to a middle linebacker, defensive end, left tackle, cornerback, and wide receiver, to play for the Cowboys, it seems rather obvious that Trump would make a substantial amount of money from that deal.  Moreover, he would be indebted to Putin for increasing the value of his investment.

Trump doesn’t seem to understand that maintaining his ownership of certain assets creates the conflict of interest.  Giving up control over the investments would not obviate the conflict.


16 thoughts on “Perhaps Trump is Fearful of FOIA Request for His Tax Returns?

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  1. This foia thing is making my week miserable. Trump gave me a box of papers and told me to go to H an d R block to get his tax returns done.

    I have been trying to imput all his information but its hard to define what everything is.

    Is kick backs considered income? Is extortion income? what about expensing hookers and coke?

    The way its going the tax return will be a few pages long. I hope he gets a big refund so he can freaken pay me. Todd is helping but he keeps hitting on the tax return chick. Also H and R Block wants 300 dollars to do all this work.

    I will let you know when its done and send it to you. Lets hop he gets a big refund check!


  2. This guy is so clueless and apparently does not listen to his advisors. The funniest moment will be when his voters find out he paid no tax and stashes assets and income in offshore accounts.


  3. “Draining the swamp” meant filling it with BULLSHIT as well as the reptilian creatures that normally inhabit it.

    We shouldn’t hold out breath on that tax return FOIA. The last one took YEARS. We’d be dead even before the lack of health care kills us.

    Oh, and did you see he wants the Tundra Turd as Sec of VA affairs? She probably only saw the word affairs and figured she’d be qualified for THAT.


  4. Perhaps Trump is fearful of Shailey Tripp. Has anyone asked him if he knows her? Has anyone asked her if she knows Trump? Makes you wonder if they met through Todd Palin and if some of the secret service men protecting Todd protect Trump? Things that make you go Hmmm.


  5. Since his “kids” are going to be at this press conference, Drumpf will only announce that his company will be run by them – no question. He’ll never divest himself of anything. Meanwhile, that corrupt white house “Family,” Mi Familia, will continue to show up at all meetings with Foreign Leaders & will continue to “help” him run our Country. Be afraid, be very afraid.

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  6. Did you make the list of Professors that need to be watched? Conservative students across the land have decided that they don’t like professors that have failed them or that failures can become something even by committing unlawful acts to get there. The goal is to silence everybody that teaches both sides of story. There is only One story, one party. That would be extreme communism in America. Bullies in charge with all the machine guns, oil, gold and money.


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