Trump’s Voter Fraud Claim is Evidence of Mental Illness


“Paranoia” is a form of mental illness.  It is defined as a “baseless or excessive suspicion of the motives of others.”

Donald Trump, the President-Elect of the United States, has demonstrated that he suffers from paranoia.  He has indicated a “unfounded” or “baseless” suspicion that there were “millions of illegal votes cast in the 2016 election.

Jeff Zeleny of CNN invited Mr. Trump to provide any evidence he had of voter fraud.  Certainly if there were MILLIONS of illegal votes cast during the 2016 election, Trump should be able to cite at least ONE example of voter fraud.  Instead of providing any factual basis for such a claim, Trump attacked Mr. Zeleny.  Trump’s assertion that he won the popular vote, in addition to the electoral college vote, has been found to be without even arguable justification.

The real problem is not with the outcome of the election.  Nobody is disputing that Trump won the electoral college vote.  The real problem is that when the President-elect asserts that something happened, when it didn’t, and  when there is NOTHING to justify that assertion, he impairs his credibility…not only with Americans but with foreign governments.  The fact that he can’t site ONE example of voter fraud is an example of   the extent of Trump’s paranoia.  The fact that Trump may suffer from paranoid delusions is both frightening and dangerous. A paranoid person may think he is being persecuted for his beliefs, that his enemies are actively trying to interfere with his activities, and that others were trying to harm, or even kill him. The paranoid person may try to strike first when the threat is perceived as too close. Thus, it is frightening to think that America will be vulnerable to Donald Trump launching a first nuclear strike!


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  1. Thin-skinned is one thing, but Trump’s relentless, undisciplined jabbing speaks to his having a ‘condition’ that is very unsavory…especially once he is president. Obama counseled Trump that what he says as president must be measured. Trump demonstrates daily that he lacks ‘an inner adult’ to make sure that his brain is engaged before his mouth! Trump is still an insecure kid, flailing in all directions as a way of being Top Dog. What a shame no one helped him to grow up.


  2. Yep. The Donald is one sick man-baby. What kind of whack job would claim that 3M people voted illegally? Without a shred of evidence. Without even saying exactly how they voted illegally. It makes me ashamed that I voted for him all 10 times.

    Anyone with a functional brain knows that Hillary won the popular vote because of her crew of shape-shifting space aliens. They invaded the ballot boxes, voting machines, and heads of too many evangelicals. They stood outside the polling places with their open carry phasers and intimidated the right-thinking voters. Trump had better get in touch with Alex Jones and clear this up. Sooner rather than later.


    1. steve,
      It is amazing to me that even though he won the election that he feels so threatened that he still feels so threatened that he has to make this stuff up!


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