Donald Trump’s Mutant Sperm Might Account for Barron’s Problems

The internet is filled with suggestions that Trump’s son, Barron, might be autistic.  This is the video that was first released:


Rosie O’Donnell suggested that Barron might be autistic, and if so, Trump could use this as an invaluable opportunity to bring attention to this tragic condition that afflicts many children.

Melania Trump has threatened a suit over the video, and accused Ms. O’Donnell of being a bully.

O’Donnell responded by saying she was moved to post the video because she found it “educational and informational,” and that her own 3-year-old daughter Dakota had been diagnosed with high-functioning autism in September.

The creator of the video said he will take down the video, as well as issue a retraction and an apology.  The person behind the controversy says he was diagnosed with autism when he was five and wanted people to stop bullying Barron for his “weird behavior.”

He said:

“I never ever meant this as a bullying video.”

Barron was born in 2006.  At the time Donald was 60 years old. Melania was born in 1970, making her 36 years old when Barron was born, and 24 years younger than Donald.

Autism rates were 66 percent higher among children born to dads over 50 years of age than among those born to dads in their 20s. The higher risk associated with fathers over 50 is consistent with the idea that genetic mutations in sperm increase with a man’s age and that these mutations can contribute to the development of autism.  There is also a higher incidence of autism in children born to parents who has a significant age disparity …such as 36 and 60, a 24 year gap.  Thus we can understand why Donald might be sensitive about his son being labeled autistic, as Trump’s sperm might have genetically mutated which might tend not to make America great again”!



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  1. There’s a lot of informal evidence and clues leading to a reasonable conclusion that Barron is autistic, but I’m sure Trump loathes hearing this from Rosie O’Donnell.
    Trump judges people heavily on their looks (with Bannon being an obvious exception), so if Barron is autistic, that would account for his being in the background so much during the campaign. Otherwise Trump would be pushing him into the limelight.


  2. Both dRUMPf and his youngest son show markers and mannerisms associated with autistism spectrum disorders. The kid, like his mother, has DEAD looking eyes. As we can’t see dRUMPf’s eyes clearly, who knows what they look like?

    Old, worn out sperm often cause disorders in the next generation.

    He should be out in front of this, claiming to be highly supportive of research on any disabilities in children. Even if he is so narcissistic that he doesn’t mean a word of it. Lying comes naturally to him.


  3. Malia, This is your blog and you can write whatever you like. I get turned off whenever you or anyone uses someone’s children to attack them. This kid is 10 and is not in the public eye. There are plenty of other ways to attack his dad without bringing the quality of his sperm or his potentially autistic son into the discussion.

    Ultimately what is your point? That Trump is a poor choice for president because of his son? Because of his sperm? Or is it to just take a cheap swipe at him because you can? Would you read this article to Barron if you met him? If not – why not? This feels like bullying of a 10 year old boy just to score cheap points against his dad.


    1. Anonymous,
      I agree with your point, but I wrote the article because people like Trump and Sarah Palin act like it is perfectly OK to have kids when they are 60 years old! I’m in no way intending to disparage Trig or Barron, but it is outrageous to me that Trump and Palin can act as if they were totally surprised that their children might have problems that were associated with having older parents. W”e all make choices and their choice tohave kids later in life is a risky choice.


      1. Malia, I thought you were pro-choice. Neither you nor me nor the people wavin signs outside clinics nor the government gets a vote in whether a woman has an abortion or continues her pregnancy to term. It is her choice – period. Clearly you see the slippery slope you are on. At what age do we have the right to criticize or maybe even restrict the choice to carry a pregnancy to term? 35? 40? Or maybe under 18?

        You’ve shared some of your personal struggle here so forgive me for using it to make a point. How old was your father when you were conceived? Did you know that some studies show paternal age is associated with MS risk; they had a girl – females are four times more likely to have ms. Was there a family history? You know what that does to the odds. I don’t want answers to these personal questions. I’m just trying to make a point – crudely I acknowledge – that we don’t get to criticize someone’s choice to carry a baby to term unless we want to wander down a very scary path that ends in a eugenic swamp. I know that’s not what you’re advocating but at the end of the day choice means choice. Choice free from interference by the public and the government. Your comment suggests that we can be pro choice but maybe we reserve the right to criticize a little after the fact if there’s a problem or we don’t like the person. That’s less than choice.


      2. Anonymous,
        I think I wasn’t clear. You are right, I respect everyone’s choice to carry a baby to term and to give birth to a child with special needs. However I think those parents have an obligation to care for that special needs child once they are born. I think that a person who objects to abortion needs to be realistic about the consequences of having a child at an older age. If they are against abortion then it is much more risky to get pregnant at an older age.


      3. Hey, Lets take this one step further. Children having children can change the course of many life involved and create a society that will need a good social program. And this was one reason for roe vs wade. Freedom of Choice. It is an extremely personal decision. There are many reasons for termination and endless reasons for full term. Teaching children respect of life and responsibility for their actions at a young age may help some. Having children young or old can be a challenge.


    2. Stow your fake concern. He is a ‘deplorable’ choice for pres because he is a narcissistic self-involved IDIOT – similar to or worse than the Tundra Turd.


    3. 3:49
      No one is attacking Trump through stating the obvious about the little Trump snowflake. (now a favorite Repub word … thanks, Kellyanne.)

      The gloves are off after the crude attack by Trump on the disabled reporter. That reporter was respectful and doing his job. Trump was disrespectful and way beyond any boundaries you feel were crossed about sperm potency. That old farts have compromised sperm is a medical fact, and cannot be construed as an attack no matter how you choose to interpret the post. If you missed the point, it is because you ignore the obvious fact that Trump has highly narcissistic behavior which could contribute to a host of problems in the USA and globally. He has emphatically broadcast to the universe that his hands are NOT tiny, and his ample dick is fueled by an abundance of testosterone. That should piss you off.

      Kids should be off limits, but guess what?
      Historically, they are not.
      So you are again missing the point. No one is picking on him. His behavior indicates he could be in the spectrum and the Trumps are obfuscating that very obvious possibility instead of addressing the “not normal” responses to stimuli.
      So that should piss you off even more, if that is possible.

      Trump is a poor choice for a president. Period. The majority of the voters said so.


    4. Well anon 349 this aint no tea party, maybe if mr trump answered more questions, he hasn’t spoken to john and jane q public people/ media since grabbing that election and pussy!!!. We have curious minds. Our rigger in chieif hired by scientologist has a son with a far away look in the eyes. Some thing smells like a swamp around here, and ms palin is his silent majority bestie poll rigger and social media hacker from way back and Russia is her back yard. Sarah just loved ivanka, She rushed down to the local store all giddy to meet her. Maybe you can explain for mr trump like Kelly anne does and help us to understand how we the people might like to know about the riggers and the twig..twit and twats the con way……..whew, malia? we may need a bigger boat, hang on. turbulence


  4. Where was all this outrage when Chelsea Clinton and both Obama girls were ripped apart by people like Limbaugh and others? Where was the outrage when tRump was mocking a disabled reporter? Please, spare us the fake outrage. Take a good look at tRump and his entire family. They are ALL lacking “something”. Especially HIM, the orange blob. Maybe since tRump made it into office, there will be lots of support for that other ass Kanye West to run for the WH in 2020? Oh, wait, he is the wrong color. The Russians would never assist him the way they assisted tRump.


  5. Donald Trump is a jackass. He’s such a jackass that there is no need to go after his ten-year-old son. And as an adult with Asperger’s, let me just say that you aren’t doing Barron any favors by speculating on his behavior. Nor are you doing anything constructive for anyone on the autistic spectrum by writing this junk. You are as offensive as Trump was when he mocked a reporter with disabilities, but twice as disturbing because you claim you’re not trying to disparage a child after you have written that he could be the product of genetically mutated sperm. You might as well have simply pointed at the kid and screamed, “Look at the freak!” I hope that you never have to experience strangers discussing how your birth might have been prevented because they feel sorry you are not like them.


    1. Anonymous,
      I am sorryyou interpreted what I wrote to be so hateful towards a child. I think you confuse my lack of respect for Trump fathering a child at age 60 with being critical of an autistic child. The reality is that a man 60 years old may be capable of inseminating a woman who then gets pregnant with his child, but that doesn’t mean that’s a good choice…for 100 different reasons! The father would be 78 years old at the child’s high school graduation if he lived that long. My comments re Trump were not intended to be a commentary on abortion, but on the risk that any couple takes when the child is the offspring of a 60 year old father.


      1. Thank you for allowing my comment and having the courtesy to respond to it. I agree that we need to educate people on the dangers of people having children when they are older. Those are real risk factors.

        However, Barron’s already here. And this kid didn’t choose to be here. I think it is harmful to point to a specific child who may have issues and speculate that it is because of the parents’ age. You may be trying to point the finger at the parents, but you’re drawing attention to the kid for his perceived faults or odd behavior. (Remember that the kid’s behavior hasn’t caused any harm whatsoever.)

        What if Barron Trump googled himself and found this page? Would you want him to read it? I certainly wouldn’t.


  6. I watched the Documentary regarding Scientology on A&E produced by leah remini. Do we know if trump is a member? does he have friends that are members? and little trump? is this his school? I don’t know but it sure smells like it. The coastal republicans in calif and florida, the oddities, the lies, the money, control huge Hollywood and media influence, national enquirer? Some call this group a cult. Is sarah part of it too? I remember receiving a couple scientology CDs or DVD’s in mail randomly in last year. I thought at the time, this is odd and almost checked into why it was sent. So. Did we just elect a Scientologist? I’m thinking so. oh chit.


  7. O’Donnell wrote the foreword to a book called The Common Thread, by Martha Manning. It is a fantastic book that everyone should read before taking the action of bringing children into this world.


  8. Malia – Barron may be autistic, he may not be. It’s hard to say and the Trumps would probably never admit it if he is autistic.
    For the commenter Anonymous who claims to have Asperger’s, you missed the point of Malia’s post all together! . Just so you know, bad sperm in men over 60 years of age is common, thus, increasing the possibility of having a child born with autism. Malia’s post was not about “bullying” Barron.


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