Trump is Furious Over People Telling the Truth

 Thus, Trump wants an apology from Romney for saying what he honestly thought about Trump.  Trump is now demanding the Romney lie and suggest that Trump will be a good President.  Trump is furious with Conway because she said what she honestly thinks of Trump because Trump suggested he’d forgive Romney if Romney would lie about what a great president Trump will be.  Thus, Trump was furious with Romney when he told the truth about Trump, and Trump is now furious with Kellyanne for telling the truth about Trump.  Both Romney and Conway were honestly reporting what they thought about Trump. Trump seems to be furious …not that they thought bad things about Trump, but that they said what they thought publicaly.

Perhaps the Americans who voted for Trump should apologize for promoting such a despicable person to the highest office in the land.

4 thoughts on “Trump is Furious Over People Telling the Truth

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  1. SURELY Romney isn’t considering a Cabinet spot in Trump’s political mish-mash. I sudn’t support his 1% worldview, but he’s more ethical than Trump will ever be.

    As for the Trump-Conway dust-up, I’m surprised it’s happening in public…a sign of much more melodrama to come from this administration.

    We’re about to enter a 2-year soap opera in which the central character is a narcissistic, bigoted, flaming idiot…surrounded by sycophants. The hyped Trump Cabinet will be like the Trump-RNC convention: over-sold and under-delivered. Two years only before this all comes apart!


  2. All Romney needs to say to the mentally ill orange one is Fuck You, and then turn his back and walk away. Anything less would reduce him to a 10 yr old who is at the mercy of a bully.


  3. Where is this schoolyard located? Donnie says Willard can play with us if he says he is sorry. But Kelly says Willard should not have to apologize. Rudy is trying to get Willard to play in the vacant house that is full of lead paint and asbestos.


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