Throw Back Thanksgiving Thursday


It was a memorable day when Sarah Palin talked about having a greater appreciation for …well just about everything, …while turkeys were slaughtered behind her.

It was a sign of things to come.  It’s been 8 years since that interview, but I still think about that video as the beginning of the many interviews that Sarah Palin has given that revealed just how ignorant/clueless she is.



Sending Happy Thanksgiving wishes to everyone reading!  We have 31 people coming to share the day, ranging from ages 1 to 84.  Hope your holiday  is filled with fun, friends, family and lots of laughs!


3 thoughts on “Throw Back Thanksgiving Thursday

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  1. What a flaming idiot: perfect for a Trump Cabinet post! Palin’s asinine blather while turkeys got slaughtered behind her is a great reminder of close she brought the federal govt to its knees, though Trump is doing a better job of bringing our whole country to its knees.


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