Who Will Be Grabbed by the Grabber-in Chief?


Melania said “This was O.K.” Trump said,


It’s true.  Melania Trump has declared that Donald will be moving into the White House without her or their son.    It was already undisputed that Melania would be the most unusual First Lady we have ever had.



The sad reality is that by announcing her intent to distance herself from Donald, Melania appears to be more interested in preserving her luxurious life style than working to promote the interest of America. Her previous naked modeling history is not the only thing to distinguish her from other First Ladies. While it is said that Barron’s school is the reason for her decision to separate from Donald, it seems obvious that Melania and Barron don’t have the same motivation as even Donald’s own children.  What First Lady hasn’t been with her husband to greet visiting foreign diplomats?  Although the first lady’s role has never been codified or officially defined, she figures prominently in the political and social life of the nation.  The role of first lady has come to include involvement in political campaigns, management of the White House, championship of social causes, and representation of the president at official and ceremonial occasions. Because first ladies now typically publish their memoirs, which are viewed as potential sources of additional information about their husbands’ administrations, and because the public is interested in these increasingly independent women in their own right, first ladies frequently remain a focus of attention long after their husbands’ terms of office have ended. Additionally, over the years individual first ladies have held influence in a range of sectors, from fashion to public opinion on policy. Historically, should a president be unmarried, or the president’s wife is unable to act as First Lady, the president usually asks a relative or friend to act as White House hostess.

The first family has occupied the White House since I was born.  Unfortunately this is probably only the beginning of the differences that will be associated with President Trump’s administration.  The real question is whose pussy will Trump be grabbing at the White House if Melania isn’t around to monitor the Grabber-in-Chief?




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    1. Nancy kicked the bucket last spring. But it has been reported Donald tried to get a private audience with Ronnie and was rebuffed. That said I doubt Nancy would like either Trump.


  1. Oh my goodness Malia. I feel sick to my stomach. Seriously, I know I am old and behind times, I cannot see a good outcome to this mess of a spectacle. It is not ok and none of it is normal! Classless, Tasteless, No self respect or dignity. The bad behavior, language, manners, morals and wrong direction is the last thing this country needs today. Who is the Master Drama Queen of Riggers and poll manipulator’s? email hackers? we briefly touched topic way back in 08.


  2. She’s probably never made love with him.

    At best, he maybe banged out her trophy twat one time, and took a shower alone with a line of coke.

    What a love story.


  3. Just a reminder that on December 4, it will be the 10-year anniversary since $arah started her Governorshit.

    Don’t forget – most of those ten years (and depending how one sees it – close to all of those ten years, really) has been spent not being Governor.

    If we, therefore, were to round it to the closest decade, it would be true that Sarah Louise Palin was a governor for zero decades. It would be like she never existed (as a governor).


  4. tRump has serious mental health issues, and it is obvious. He is NOT norml. The press needs to start exposing this family for what they are – opportunists who will use the office of the president to enrich themselves. He did not show his taxes, and now he is not adhering to the rules that ban plagiarism, by including his children in meetings with foreign dignitaries. The rules do not apply to him, so he thinks. The press helped him during this whole campaign, now they need to correct that mistake. The tRump marriage was over years ago, it is obvious. More interaction (as marriage partners) between tRump and Ivanka than anyone else.


  5. Malia – Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    Wonder if Melania found out about the affair Donald had with Karen McDougal in 2006 -2007? Karen was a Playboy Playmate who had an affair with Donald, while he was married to Melania. In fact the rumor is the affair started shortly after Melania gave birth to Barron in March 2006 and lasted until in 2007. If Melania found out about the affair, after all of the women came forward accusing Donald of pussy grabbing, it very well may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back!

    So, Melania decided she would rather live a separate life with her 10 year old son in NYC than to live with her husband and son at the WH. If the Trumps and their son, Barron, lived in the WH – it would be historic because Barron would be the first male child to live in the WH since the Kennedys.
    But Melania doesn’t want to live in the WH because if she did she would need to interact with staff, the media, and others. Even though she can speak several languages, English is NOT her 1st language. It’s embarrassing that she was a nude model and that she plagiarized her speech at the Rep. Convention. But what is worse is her claim that she wants to tackle bullying and cyber-bullying as FLOTUS. Doesn’t she know she is married to a fat assed BULLY?

    Two days after the election when she was at the WH, Melania looked scared shitless instead of relaxed and confident. Her expression was as if she were thinking “I’m not living in this dump”! She may be a fashion diva, but she is not Michelle Obama. Melania is an elitist and would rather live in her gold encrusted palace with her son so she can continue to enjoy her extravagant lifestyle instead of living in the WH and performing the duties of First Lady!

    Obviously the Trumps don’t care about what it costs the American taxpayer for their security. Everyone should be up in arms about it because it just came out in the last few days that it will cost millions for the Thanksgiving trip to Florida. That’s just one event! Between now and inauguration, the security in NY, the WH, and other Trump residences will be covered with 100% security. It will cost us between $1,000,000 and $2,000,000 PER DAY to guard Trump, Melania, Barron, Trumps 4 adult children, their spouses, grandchildren, and extended family. If the Pence family is factored in, it will be a hell of a lot more than that!


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