Bristol Your Ignorance is Showing,…Again!

Bristol Palin has never held political office.  She has not one hour of a college education.  Her claim to fame is being the daughter of the most unqualified and ignorant person ever chosen to be a Vice Presidential running mate of any person running for public office.  Her only experience is dancing in a monkey costume, wearing a pink tutu, on national television.


So far it appears her only  specialized experience is how to get pregnant out of wed lock,
and how to brawl with her family.

Bristol posts on a blog that is described as: 

“Founded in 2008, is the premier online destination to engage in the global dialogue about religion and spirituality and to explore and experience the world’s beliefs. Patheos is the website of choice for the millions of people looking for credible and balanced information about religion. Patheos brings together faith communities, academics, and the broader public into a single environment, and is the place where many people turn on a regular basis for insight, inspiration, and stimulating discussion. Patheos is unlike any other religious and spiritual site on the Web today.”

However, Bristol rarely posts about anything spiritual.  Instead she focuses on politics.  In her recent post she indicates proof that anti-Trump protesters were actually being paid to protest.  The title of the article is:

Surprise, surprise: anti-Trump protesters revealed to be paid professionals“.

The reality is that it was Donald Trump who paid people $50.00 to pretend to be his supporters at the announcement of his candidacy is the only person who has hired people to pretend to be advocating anything.  When those allegations first surfaced, the source of the information was identified as an e-mail, and was quoted:

“We are looking to cast people for the event to wear T-shirts and carry signs and help cheer him in support of his announcement,” the email said. “We understand this is not a traditional ‘background job,’ but we believe acting comes in all forms and this is inclusive of that school of thought.”

Business Insider called Extra Mile, which was the organization that hired the actors.    The woman who answered the phone, hung up, after they  asked a question, attempting to verify they authenticity of the e-mail. Subsequent calls to the company reached an answering machine.

Trump and his campaign representative did not respond to requests for comment.



Clearly the people protesting the 2016 Presidential election were not paid actors.  They were people who were genuinely upset with the outcome of the election.  The importance of experience of the organizers doesn’t mean they were paid by anyone, or that there was anything improper about being organized.  Obviously, organization and experience is something that escapes the Palins.  Sarah didn’t have the experience to run for Vice President, and Bristol hasn’t educated herself about anything…except how to get pregnant.  If the organizers of these protests had experience helping people make their feelings known, and exercising their First Amendment rights, then more power to them!  The fact that the protests were organized, effective, and non-violent is a good thing.  There is no evidence that Hillary had anything to do with the organization of these protests or that anyone paid them to organize the protests!

There have been people expressing their passion about something in the past that was a very positive thing for the country!

osama-bin-laden-celebration  Remember the people who demonstrated after we took out Osama bin Laden?


Remember the people who demonstrated their support for the Dallas police that were shot.  I bet professional organizers planned that too!


Remember the people who demonstrated their support after the shooting at Sandy Hook?  I bet professional organizers planned that too!

HOUSTON, TX - DECEMBER 16: Houston Texans fans take a moment to remember the victims of a massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut prior to the start of the game against the Indianapolis Colts at at Reliant Stadium on December 16, 2012 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

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  1. I haven’t quite decided how someone who just happens to have been a teen mom, who has no college degree, (but it has been claimed that she had a 3.497 high school GPA) writes all these blog posts. Big complicated political and socioeconomic topics and all the latest inside RWNJ fetishes and constipations. If it’s on Breitbart or Fox News it’s on her blog also too!

    Any way you look at it, she has a couple of books and is at least a D-List celeb. And all with two kids!

    Does it help that her mother is a pundint and energy expert and a former half term governor of Alaska? Or is it the Wasilla water that helps her get it done?!

    Absolutely AMAZING!


    1. sockpuppet,
      It is amazing to me that people read and believe what she says! It is clear that she is neither educated or honest in her writing. Why do people believe anything she writes?


    2. Ladies ladies ladies. The Art of the Con Way. We have witnessed how anybody can be made into something that they are not. Education or not. How to rig an election 101. And in the Fox Nation Books and Communist agenda, it explains exactly what has happened to our fellow americans. This is like the bundy takeover in Oregon but on a much larger scale.


  2. Bristol is working he way into getting a position. She just auditioned for the missionary position on trumps casting couch.

    It think it went well she came out of the room laughing with orange crap all over he face. She really knows politics just like mom taught her.

    Todd really has fit in as the drug czar. He is only cutting his drugs in half and has a steady client base increasing with each appointee. He is getting a little push back from putins team. The want free drugs but trump is making them pay back with espionage.

    Putin is really working his ass off. I would think he can get about 3900 of his goons approved by vice chencelor trump.

    I really think when comrade Putin won the election last week he would turn things around and he is really doing a good job. When Putin lets trump speak he really likes him.

    Well back to the internment camps


      1. Did it the article say it was her dancing partners? There was an article about it. It was very hush hush. A little girl? Tristan or ?


    1. Judi,
      It seems that way! It’s as dangerous,or more so, because Bristol has a large following. As Sarah fades into obscurity from the effects of drugs, alcohol, and whatever she is into, and Todd tries to recover from the beating he took, I predict that there will be much more coming from Brisdull.


  3. WE had 400 citizens out on a brisk Saturday here, carrying flags and protesting the election of a man who got fewer votes that Mrs. Clinton. He is not our President. Not one of us got a dime for speaking up, as is our Constitutional right — First Amendment, Bristol.
    That “paid protestor” lie is one that caught fire in the alt-right universe and has been repeated and repeated so it sounds legitimate, but, of course, it’s just another huge LIE.


    1. lobstershift,
      …and get ready, because I predict this is just the beginning of the lies we will be subjected to over the next four years!


  4. Bristol went to college right after she graduated. She then decided she liked being a working mom better. Her words. But she did take business classes and her first career ambition was to be a peds nurse, which would be perfect for her. Though it’s similar to people who want to teach because they like kids but then realize teachers don’t become teachers solely because they like kids. These posts show YOUR ignorance when you write lies about strangers. And judge hardworking people who don’t waste money when they can legitimately earn the same money without a degree. There are people with masters making less then Bristol’s $20/hr at the office. (though she works off her commission too with speciality. Not that it’s your business.


    1. Feeling a bit empowered and pure are we? Where do we begin? Carey alive dearest, an education is much more about knowledge vs money. Money and Looks are not everything. But an education is. And this is where being too stupid to know it comes in. Defending stupid is easy for stupid. Some suggest genetics, behavior problems, chemical imbalance, or just plain ignorant due to lack of education.


    2. hahahaha, Barstool paid troll! Barstool took some goof-off intro class where she did a report about how to swaddle a baby, and then dropped out to go to Hawaii and to skin skool and to put on a gorilla suit to hide her pregnancy.


    3. James and Linda Mangelsdorf have grown tired of supporting an overgrown dependent child who refuses to move out and get a job. Palin trolling is not a job, careyalicia. Your mental state is dangerously close to hurting yourself or someone else. You are in dire need of mental rehabilitation and medication.
      You are the only troll who claims to know every move made by the Palins, even though they hate you.


    4. If Bristol Palin was not pregnant in these 2010 DWTS photos, then she must have swallowed a whole watermelon . Where is that baby, careyalive? You are the know-it-all Palin news source, right? Bwahahahaha.


    5. If it is not our business, why are you posting it daily? When did Bristol hire you as her public relations representative? You are doing a lousy job.


  5. EVERY one of the big money opportunities she was offered helped her kids’ futures. EVERY one.EVERYthing she did was for her kids’ futures. they have colleges funds. They come first. All facts. She has never gotten paid to be abstinent or preach abstinence. Ignorant people are taking a 2009 personal vow that was borne out of dumping a bad boyfriend and turning it into something its not. At least she didn’t go out and tell teens to have sex because everyone does it like said guy. Which is funny because stats have shown teens are having less sex and teen pregnancy has still decreased since 1990. Yes there were genuine protesters. But it is very true that before and after the election there have been paid protesters. It has also been proven the DNC, a broken org. like the RNC, has employed shady tactics. Several people died trying to get the truth in DNC fraud.


    1. KLO,
      You need help! I think mental illness is covered…right now…on nationalized health care. Get help NOW, BEFORE TRUMP’S INAUGURATION.


    2. I say she has no legit job with Dr.Blowjob. $20 hr?! Baloney. Show us your tax rerurns. You claim no income on your child support info. Cant have it both ways. You went to a Trade school,Not college,to be a pimple popper. Kids have College funds?Which kids? Any of them,all of them…Bullshit and you know it. Hey Bristol,how’s the l yr old Junker baby?


    3. She might as well have told all little girls to have sex, have babies and everything will just be ok because it is ok according to her ma. This does not work out in real world too often honey.. Many women never escape poverty or abuse due to this decision. It is not wise to rise children while still growing up yourself.


  6. I’m guessing the clan is getting worried. The clock is ticking. appointments are being announced. The plane tickets and scheduled appointment have not materialized. He mom throws another case of moose chili at the fridge as each call in not from Donald.

    If I was Trump, I would appoint her as forward lookout to watch the western waters for the arrival of Putin. You, known case Vlad decides to just drop in.


  7. There’s no limit to how far brisdull will go to embarrass herself. Never saw such a ridiculous wad of Botox, fillers and pop-up chins in one human blob.


  8. Malia – Bristol is uneducated and immature. Just look at her life, her role models, and her family. Her mother, the Wasilla loon, is a grifter who hasn’t worked in 7+ years and her father, the toad, was a pimp! Bristol needs to quit reading the fake news sights on Facebook and post the FACTS! Here’s a fact for Bristol – the protesters are not paid by Obama, the Clintons, Bernie Sanders, the DNC, or any other entity! They are using their right to freedom of speech to show their dislike of the president-elect. Bristol thinks her opinion matters when nothing could be further from the truth. Bristol is a freeloader whose husband, Dakota, is the “official spokesman” for International Harbor Foundation with is a non-profit group of special forces veterans dedicated to busting human traffickers. It must be a lucrative gig because his Facebook shows him on a continual vacation face-timing with his 1 year old daughter Sailor from somewhere other than AK, attending a football game, and in attendance at a birthday party. Sarah posted a video of him on Veterans Day while they were ice fishing. Here is the link. After listening to it, I could hardly believe he was the person International Harbor Foundation chose as their “official spokesman”!
    PS Here is the link to a photo of one year old Sailor posted November 14th on Bristol’s Instagram.


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