Donald Trump Begins the End of the U.S. Constitution


It comes as no surprise that either Donald Trump doesn’t understand the US Constitution, or he doesn’t care about the protections it was intended to provide to the American people. During the campaign, Trump vowed to prevent people from immigrating into the United States based on their religion.


Even when he was confronted with the parents of a Muslim American who gave his life in service of our country, Trump attacked the parents.




Now that Trump is President-elect, his advisors are working on setting up a Muslim registry which would require all Muslims to register their religious ideology with the Federal Government.


Under the Patriot Act, Americans are supposed to be protected from being subjected to surveillance based on nothing except their religious beliefs.

Section 102 of the Patriot Act explaines: “The concept of individual responsibility for wrongdoing is sacrosanct in American society, and applies equally to all religious, racial, and ethnic groups.”

The idea of collective guilt based on religious affiliation violates our constitutional principles. 

Ted Cruz, the brilliant legal scholar that he is, explained that ” the idea of a database to track Muslim Americans is unconstitutional. “




“I believe Trump’s unprecedented proposal would violate our Constitution,” said Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe, “both the First Amendment’s Religion Clauses and the equality dimension of the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment.”  The ACLU has done extensive briefing on the issue and concluded such a ban would be unconstitutional.

Imagine the outrage if Trump required all Evangelical Christians to register.



11 thoughts on “Donald Trump Begins the End of the U.S. Constitution

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  1. We need to start a strong rumor that liberals are buying all types of weapons, at various swap meets and flea markets. Tell them the Hilary & Bernie people are wearing Trump buttons to blend in and buy assault weapons. They plan to seize and occupy Trump’s hotels, casinos and golf resorts. Watch Mr. Paranoid’s head spin. His people believe anything posted on the internet.

    The election of Trump is stopping the flow into the country. People are leaving, including US citizens. I could sail across Lake Erie to the land of “Eh!” Too cold. I’m looking at Baja Mexico.


  2. Here is the latest update. We have to go meet this Japanese prime minister guy at a bus stop in New York. Todd his bringing the van a couple of hookers and cocaine.
    We are then going to trump towers for the meeting.

    The japs are going to help design the Muslim internment camps. We want the to be humane. Trump is bringing Edie amen out of hiding to run the camps.

    Should be a good day.


  3. If this database actually is implemented, I plan to copy the Danes (1940) and register as a Muslim (I’m Catholic). By both God’s law and man’s, we are all the same.


  4. We ain’t seen nothin’ yet. I am starting to be ashamed to be an old WAS(no P). Imagine all those old WASPs who are going to DIE when the rethugs kill their Medicare and Social Security and their president dRUMPf rubber stamps it.

    A replay of 1930’s Germany.


  5. You’re right, as usual. Evangelicals shouldn’t have to register for anything! They’ve already been marginalized and punished by the heathen liberal thugs. Their children have to attend school with the “others.” They can’t put the Ten Commandments or manger scenes in the State Capitol. Or in the courthouses or city halls. They can’t require prayer or bible study in public schools. Their brothers and sisters in business can’t refuse to bake cakes or arrange flowers for same sex weddings. Oh, the horror. Roe v. Wade is still the law of the land. Oh, double the horror. Their last morality gasp is Trans bathrooms — an abomination resoundingly condemned by Jesus himself. Now they’re being mocked and called hypocrites for voting en mass for the orange groping Antichrist. Same thing with their traditional family values. Sad.


  6. Since the 60s the US government tracks anyone ASSOCIATED with any native American religion, activity and or tribe. Your name goes on a watch list. That goes for other religions as well such as : Hinduism, Buddhist, Mormon (any sect). They just were more covert about it.


  7. Donald Trump is associated with the whole Koch brother and super Royalty agenda. There is a big ring of crime around them such as hunting humans for sport, child sex trafficking, human trafficking for both slavery manual labor and sex. This is what Roger Allies and Sarah Palin are tied into. It isis bedded also on their religion choice and they see themselves as special and above the law because they are in power. They have all been dedicated to slowly stripping Americans of their civil rights and have been surprisingly successful. This is what Shailey Tripp was actually involved in and why she is so valuable. Since her story first hit the news in 2010, many prostitution g politician rings have been brought down and exposed. Also the whole Royals hunting humans and having their own sex trafficking ring has been brought to national media three times and then covered up less than 24 hrs woth some frivolous news such as Kardashians.


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