Trump is Limited in Choices for Cabinet Positions to Deplorables

The main problem facing Donald Trump in selecting people to hold cabinet positions is that he doesn’t want to select anyone who suggested he was unqualified for the office of President.  At least 30 former Republican Congressmen vocally opposed Trump.  Leaders of the Republican Party who opposed Trump included:

George W. Bush

George H.W. Bush

Barbara Bush

Mitt Romney

Bob Dole

John Boehner

Trent Lott

Dick Cheney

Jeb Bush

Larry Pressler

Norm Coleman

Michael Bloomberg

Sally Bradshaw

Marc Racicot

Vin Weber

Gordon Humphrey

Chris Shays

Mike Murphy

John Warner

William Milliken

Mickey Edwards

Jon Huntsman

Christine Todd Whitman

Michael Steele

Mel Martinez

Ken Mehlman

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

Richard Hanna

Charlie Dent

Adam Kinzinger

Mike Coffman

Bob Dold

Scott Rigell

Dave Reichert

Reid Ribble

Barbara Comstock

Martha Roby

Joe Heck

Cresent Hardy

Mia Love

Will Hurd

…you get the idea. The list includes 73 other republican leaders including Senators, like John McCain, and Governors like Susan Martinez.

Given the limitation on the number of people available to Trump to fill his cabinet positions, it seems more likely that he will resort to appointment of SarahPalin as the Secretary of the Interior.  That is the position that it  controls500 million acres of land ― or 20 percent of the U.S. landmass. It oversees a lot of oil, gas and coal development, both onshore and offshore.    Trump has shown total disregard to environmental issues and strongly supported increasing the development of oil, coal and natural gas in the United States.

The department of the interior also oversees the protection of endangered species, the number of which is likely to increase in the coming decade as climate change hastens the first mass extinction since the demise of dinosaurs.

The next interior secretary will also decide whether to restart drilling in Arctic watersor open up drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

One source tied to the Trump transition team described the confusion as “buffoonery.

In the case of consideration of the appointment of Palin, it appears Trump values loyalty over experience and is keen to have people on board who share his worldview.

global-warming-twopalin-wolvespolar-bear-global-warming global-warming-threecalif-drought-one

Marina owner Mitzi Richards carries her granddaughter as they walk on their boat dock at the dried up lake bed of Huntington Lake which is at only 30 percent capacity as a severe drought continues to affect California on September 23, 2014.  California is in the grip of its third year of severe drought, the worst in decades, threatening to drain underground aquifers and leaving the taps of some 40 million people to run dry. The state's drought affected Central Valley, is the  considered the richest food-producing region in the world, where much of America's fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables being grown there.            AFP PHOTO/Mark RALSTON        (Photo credit should read MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)





4 thoughts on “Trump is Limited in Choices for Cabinet Positions to Deplorables

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  1. I don’t think those who ran back to dRUMPf after the banana republic “election” realize that he is entirely capable of extinguishing all human life on the planet as well. The planet will survive…

    Anyone who WOULD work for him and take responsibility for him IS a deplorable.


  2. Palin for Secretary of the Interior? Really? Even John McCain would have something negative to say about that. His silence might finally be broken.


  3. First of all, she would have to dry out and secondly, show up. I doubt she could stay in AK and work per diem at home. What are her chances of being approved?

    Most importantly, what far reaching effects does this have on the FOIA request suit? The only silver lining to this is that she would eventually be exposed for the fraud that she is. But obviously nothing is beyond the pale for John Q. Public regarding the crap that was dished out during the election.

    God help us all.


  4. If Rudy says it’s safe to go somewhere, run the other way! This is the guy who sentenced rescuers and office workers to a slow panful death from being exposed to a variety of toxins.


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