This is Why the Country is Divided!

A woman, Pamela Ramsey Taylor, the director of West Virginia’s Clay County Development Corporation, wrote, “It will be refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified First Lady in the White House. I’m tired of seeing an ape in heels.”


This is the “Ape in heels”:



This is the “dignified” first lady.




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  1. Hello Malia! The rampant underbelly of racism is now up front since The Donald was “elected”. I’m afraid that these incidents will only increase in frequency, and severity. It’s presumed that these bigots have been “green-lighted” to carry out these malicious, despicable acts of hatred.

    Unfortunately, there have been many incidents here in Canada that have been directed towards minorities. As a Canadian who is proud to be a member of a culturally diverse society, I am truly sickened by these events. I am really concerned with what the outcome will be if this ugly trend is allowed to continue.


  2. Malia – This was heartbreaking to read! Pamela Ramsey Taylor and Beverly Whaling need to look in the mirror before criticizing anyone! They should invest in some good hair products, makeup, and maybe consider Weight Watchers.

    To call Mrs. Obama “a ape in heels” was a very nasty comment! It is amazing people are so cruel! There is nothing that Pamela.Taylor could say in her “apology” that would convince me she wasn’t a racist! Pamela Taylor didn’t apologize to Mrs. Obama, but instead her apology was directed to the people who were offended by her and Beverly Whaling’s comments. The only damn reason Pamela apologized was because she was sorry she got caught! She wasn’t sorry for what she said because as she tried to (but couldn’t) explain was that she was free to write what she wants because it is her “right” as a US citizen and she has freedom of speech in her court under the 1st Amendment. Finally, she asked people to quit reposting what she said about Mrs. Obama, not because she was sorry, but because she was scared. She lost her job. The mayor of Clay, West Virginia, Beverly Whaling, resigned. Their stupidity lost them their jobs right before the holidays. Michelle Obama will be FLOTUS for 2 more months! .


  3. We have become the white trash trailer park of the world. The GOP started this in 2008 when they added a skank factor to elections.
    You can put lipstick and suits on pigs and place them in gold plated cages. At the end of the day they are still pigs.


  4. Well now finally. Finally something makes sense. Electronic products from china bugged with a program/app to get data!.

    Hmmmm? exploding wash machines, train wrecks, dnc, gov, etc etc etc, so much and even rigged elections. So. China and Russia helped elect trump. I can hardly wait for the deplorable interviews when impeachment hearings beginning. Gee, the hateful Obstructive republican defunding of infrastructure security really helped.

    How about prez rump supply roll off dumpsters across America to gather ALL boycotted products from china and elsewhere. They must be shipped back. I don’t know how a Constitutional President can hand over the office to a Communist rigged election by a foreign government? It is mind boggling. I am stunned but not speechless. Americans must rise for this and demand answers. And Justice.


  5. She now no longer holds that job. She’s probably been re-assigned to another overpaid overprotected position, maybe with a car upgrade.

    Just like the catholic church does with priests.


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