SNL March Episode: “Racists for Trump”

5 thoughts on “SNL March Episode: “Racists for Trump”

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  1. O/T ….Did you see the article in the Daily Mail, Malia, about Bristol and Sailor? The little cutie is turning a year old next month on Dec. 23rd.

    Funny thing, Tripp is turning eight-years-old on Dec. 27th. No mention anywhere about his birthday. Do you think she forgot? Good grief, it’s only four days later.

    I tried to post the link but…no luck.


  2. Time to watch the white folks learn geography as the rest of the world closes its doors on them. Based on statements that violate UN charters and promote war, the US will now be seen as a terrorist country. Our citizens will not be allowed into various countries, like Mexico and the nations of Central and South America.


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