“HELL NO” to Sarah Palin as Secretary of the Interior!



Yes,it’s true.  Sarah Palin’s being considered for a cabinet position as Secretary of the Interior!  


I guess Trump thinks that would be a good use of her ignorance and non-experience since he doesn’t care about the environment.  There are cabinet positions that Trump is contemplating filling and has probably leaked the names on purpose to try to “vet these choices in the court of public opinion before spending any political capital defending them.”  That means that this is the time to cry…not NO, but HELL NO!  Tell everyone you can if you object to Sarah Palin as Secretary of the Interior!


34 thoughts on ““HELL NO” to Sarah Palin as Secretary of the Interior!

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  1. What a LOL moment: the prospect of Palin in D.C. in ANY official capacity and Maher’s take-dpwn of that lunacy. Appointing her would signal how weak Trump wants his Cabinet to be.

    Stay tuned for Sessions, Gingrich, Giulalni and every other loony in Congress to be queuing up for their turn at the trough.

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  2. Sarah seems like a good fit. She is mostly female and most chicks should be secretaries teachers or barefoot breeders. She has done all of that.

    She also knows how to decorate the interior of her house. You can see her decorating skill like the time she repurposed underwear as a fan on a stick.

    She also has that dirty secretary look that trump likes.

    Well back to legal stuff. Trump is working on evicting a poor black family from a big White House.


      1. The Obamas are staying in DC, to allow their younger daughter to finish school where she is at currently. They will be renting a gorgeous house.


      2. I think they are going to Hawaii for rest and relaxation which they so deserve! Then, they’ll return to D.C. to their new home which was recently purchased.


      3. Again Malia (you are blocking me!) they are going to Hawaii for a vacation and then will return to D.C. where they purchased their new home. They are not going back to Hawaii to live!!!

        The Islands are truly beautiful, comforting and peaceful – a place I vacation often. Will be going again for the entire month of January. Suggest you do so too – it’s wonderful for MS – which you and I both have!


      4. Hawaii is the greatest place in the world to vacation. If folks say they are going over for a month – they are more than likely retired. Although, when I worked – I was employed there for a long period – had earned a number of weeks for vacation and would head to Maui for a month! Did it numerous times before I retired.

        Truly recommend it folks! Nothing more beautiful and peaceful! It heals the soul and body!


  3. Palin is uneducated, a quitter and has ZERO knowledge of any of those positions. Also, too wouldn’t she have to go before a panel for hearings to judge her qualifications for a government job this high in the administration? Hell, she isn’t even qualified to clean up tRump’s plane for Cry Sake!

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    1. CIP,
      Me too!!! I’ve tried to find something to smile about, and everything just makes me sad. The election of Trump is SOOO bad for SOOO many reasons, it is hard to find anything positive. The best I can comeup with is that a 70 year old man has a life expenctancy of 78, but since he eats fried chicken, and may suffer from some venereal disease, Trump’s may be shorter.


  4. Lord help us all if she gets anywhere near the Whitehouse! She’s too stupid and ignorant to be the head of anything thing, even to her valley trash family!


    1. Kallie,
      It is frightening that she is this close once again, andnow the result of Donald Trump who insulted John mcCain! How did this happen?


  5. Is the Palin crime family really this UNTOUCHABLE? I thought that after the SS documents were finally released there was * something* that could be used to put an end finally to that family’s toxic influence on America. How in Hell after all that hard work and incriminating evidence finally released pursuant to the FOIA requests do they manage to avoid indictment, even a mere warrant, but they rather glow in the prospect of holding national office in an executive cabinet post? What ever happened to the momentum that Malia’s well-researched, well-documented story seemed to be building? How in Hell do these people continue to avoid the fate that their fraud, graft, prostitution, vandalism, domestic violence, truancy, public drunkenness, heck, maybe even murder, has duly earned them? How in Hell does this happen not after eight months, but EIGHT YEARS, of thoroughly documenting the damning case against them?


    1. lwdc,
      It simply boggles the mind! I had actually contemplated closing down this blog after Hillary won,b ut it seems there may be a need for another 4 years!


    1. example9767,
      All she’d have to say is “We are making America Great Again” and…wahla…everything would be said that needed to be said. Anyone who disagreed would simply be labeled the “lame-stream” media.


  6. Sarah would have to be confirmed by the Senate, where she would face withering questions from Democrats and softballs from Republicans . . . after which she would be confirmed for whatever position Trump wants to award to her . . you know, missionary position, cowgirl position, doggy style . . . did I really say that?


  7. We thought the clown car left the circus. But now we have Trump’s cabinet and appointees. Sarah the quitter with her clown wig. Rudy, the guy who sent rescue workers into a toxic mess without respirators and then told thousands their asbestos powdered workplaces were safe. I’m guessing EPA for the angel of death. Mike Tyson for Sec. Defense? Todd Palin for labor Dept. El Chapo for Sec. of Transportation. Bernie Madoff getting pardoned to become Commerce Secretary.


  8. A few great comedians have helped us to understand the insanity of the times. Bill Maher, George Carlin, Black, Stewart, and many more hit the target every time. We the people need a voice, a microphone and representation. Dump Trump before end of year. Force the resignation and demand new election due to fraud treason and espionage. It is a serious federal felony crime to tamper with Federal elections. Americans Demand new election. Don j trump will never be usa president. He is a liar and fraud.


  9. Sarah Palin would never make it through the Hearing process for that position! But, it would be a kick watching her have to answer questions – all the while squirming and fidgeting!

    Alaskans know she is a liar and fraud and no where near qualified for ANY position in national or the State of Alaska governments!


  10. “I think a lot about the Department of Energy, because energy is my baby: oil and gas and minerals, those things that God has dumped on this part of the Earth for mankind’s use instead of us relying on unfriendly foreign nations,” she told CNN’s Jake Tapper in an interview that aired Sunday on “State of the Union.”

    Sarah Palin


  11. I do recommend Hawaii to you, Malia. You can work from over there to if the need arises due to the communication tools we have available today. I was a workaholic too (prior to retirement nine years ago – I’m 74) and had a heck of a time winding down when I’d get to Hawaii…that was initially why I took a month vacation there that I had built up w/my employer.

    It truly does bring calmness, peace, and tranquility to ones life. I can hardly wait to get over there again in January and feel extremely fortunate in being able to do so.

    Strongly recommend it to you, sweet lady!


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