Trump May Be the Next President, but You are “SAFE” With Me

Demonstrators burn the U.S. flag outside Trump Tower during a march against President-elect Donald Trump in Manhattan, New York, U.S. November 9, 2016. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly
People across the country are protesting the election of Donald Trump as the next President of the United States.

Instead of trying to unite the country, Trump is playing the victim.  In a tweet, he has indicated that it is “unfair” that protesters are voicing their disdain for President-elect Donald Trump.  Most Americans call these protests “free speech” guaranteed by the US Constitution.  What most Americans feel is unfair is the fear minorities in America now feel. People across the country have shared stories on social media of violence and hate speech directed at them in the wake of Trump’s victory. Racist graffiti was spotted around the country and minorities reported experiencing harassment the day after Trump was elected.

These frightening instances illustrate why the #safetypin idea is catching on.  It’s an easy way of making a statement to minorities that you are “safe” with me.



By wearing a safety pin people in the United States are showing that they are allies with groups — including LGBT, minorities and women — who say they feel threatened by Donald Trump’s election.



I have mine on. Do you?


13 thoughts on “Trump May Be the Next President, but You are “SAFE” With Me

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  1. What an excellent idea. Someone will see a merchandising idea in this and hopefully ‘attach’ the symbol to a PAC of non-profit that arises out a source such as of #NotMyPresident

    Trump can’t jail 50% of the population, however much he might wish to.


    1. Republican policy expert Henry Kissinger helpfully advises that it is never necessary to jail 50% of the population to get results.



  2. I like this. Don’t know how this started but have seen it several times today on different sites. Think I need to shop for a beautiful – perhaps gold color – safety pin.


  3. Hopefully the safety pin will come to symbolize #notmypresident . A great way for people to recognize those who think the same way. But be careful that the deplorables don’t take to wearing one deceptively.


  4. Thank you for giving this the attention it deserves! I wore mine all day yesterday and today. Last night, my nine year old daughter asked me if she could wear one to school (after I had explained why I was wearing it) and I told her she certainly could. She put it on this morning as soon as she got dressed. Faith in the future!


    1. Susan,
      Imagine if every child would do that too! Proud of you that you are encouraging you 9 year old to take an interest at such a young age. It gives me hope for the future!


  5. What a great idea!! I’m heading to my sewing cabinet. We must think of something safe to calm the young children. Allowing that man to behave and say the things to the world as a usa candidate ? 200 yrs our Vets fought against dictators and injustice. And now a rigged usa election, just like Europe, phillipines, Iceland, etc. A certain small group of global dictators behaving badly.


  6. It will be much easier and quicker to impeach and throw out trump and staff before January if at all legally/constitutionally/someway. This is very serious stuff and that trump bunch along with the other recent (turkey) iceland, uk, coordinated take over of powers around globe!! It should be alarming to everyone living in America today!!! even for the most forgiving of people!!. Americans cannot ignore this Malia

    I understand if you do not post this and you probably should not post it. I don’t want to create anxiety, but after 8 yrs of coming here to discuss issues, I feel you may be as alarmed as I

    Over one year of researching this election for I thought an unrelated issue, and the players, the events and now the outcome? oh chit, not sure safety pins will help us. Although prior to this election I would say yes. Were gonna need a bigger safety PEN, as in President Obama and A Sound Military in place now to put a stop to this.

    Malia, If ever you want to talk to me personally, please feel free to contact me by my email address. Thank you for working so hard over the years for justice and health. Becky.


    1. Becky,
      THanks! I am still trying to figure out how to best use my time during the Trump administration! If I could find a way to get him impeached,I would like to do that…very much!


  7. He’s not even in office and whining about protests?! Obama was hit with racist protests and backlash from day one and kept his eye on his mission. Obama was, until now, the most disrespected President in history. He ended up being the most professional, well spoken leader in our time.


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