Confession of a Liberal White Female

Despair was the emotion that overwhelmed me as I went to bed last night.  Unlike most nights, I went to bed early.  I couldn’t watch as the votes were reported by Wolf Blitzer.  I knew that Stephen Colbert was reporting the results, but I couldn’t bring myself to search for his show.  There was nothing funny about the election results.  My worst fears became reality.  Donald Trump, the racist, narcissist, rapist, misogynist, inexperienced, uncharitable, savage liar had won the election.  The beautiful Melania Trump would be our next first lady.  Had the American people forgotten about the outrageous pictures and videos of Donald and his wife?melanis-trump-nakedmelania-trump-ninemelania-trump-naked-shooting-on-planemelania-trump-nakedmelania-trump-naked-cockpitmelania-trump-eight-boob

Had the American people forgotten about Trump’s unforgivable mocking of a disabled reporter?

Had the American people forgotten about Trump’s unforgivable rants about the parents of a soldier who gave his life in service to our country, winning a purple heart and a bronze star?

Had the American people forgotten about Melania’s plagiarism of Michelle Obama’s speech?

Had the American people forgotten about Trump’s disregard of the very principals set forth in the US Constitution that demand the equal treatment of people regardless of their religion?

Had women across the country forgotten about the rape charges filed in New York, or Trump’s friendships with convicted rapists like Mike Tyson and Jeffrey Epstein ?


Had the American voters forgotten about Trump’s racist remarks?

Had the American voters forgotten about Trump’s denigration of women?


Had the American people forgotten about Trump’s introduction of Sarah Palin, indicating that he’d known her for a long time, he respected her for so long, and he thought she has an “incredible husband” and an “incredible family.”  He explained that he was “so honored” to have the endorsement of the “Governor of Alaska”.

 Perhaps Trump forgot Palin quit her job as Governor, he husband was a pimp, and her kids conceived at least four children out of wedlock.  None of Palin’s kids have college educations, and it’s unclear what they do for a living.


We suspected a Trump financial connection to Russia, but never got the tax returns that might have proved it.


We suspected health problems of the 70 year old candidate who eats fried chicken and doesn’t exercise.


The only health information we got was the letter Trump wrote and asked his gastroenterologist  to sign.


Did the American voters forget that even the leaders of the Republican Party like George and Barbara Bush, and Mitt Romney, and John McCain refused to endorse Trump?  Remember Trump disparaged McCain, the Republican choice in 2008.

Did the American people forget the 400 economists, and 8 Nobel Laureats, who condemned Trump’s economic plan as catastrophic?Did the American people just not care that world leaders have warned of the disaster that a Trump presidency would present for the world?Did voters forget the 50 Republican Leaders said that Trump would put our nation’s security at risk?

Did voters forget about the 9 terrifying things Trump has said about nuclear weapons?


Hillary won the popular vote last night by only 163,641.  That makes her the fifth U.S. presidential candidate to win the popular vote but lose the election.

Neither candidate got more than 50 percent of the vote — as of 10 a.m. ET, Clinton stood at 47.7 percent and Trump at 47.5 percent.  However Trump won the electoral vote .
Today is a “Dark Day for the World.”  Some major newspapers and magazines have published articles in the wake of Trump’s victory that are incredibly contemptuous.  Never before have we seen such bold opposition to the person who would be the next President of the United States.

Here are four examples, cited by the BBC:

The New York Times:

President Donald Trump. Three words that were unthinkable to tens of millions of Americans — and much of the rest of the world — have now become the future of the United States. So who is the 45th president of the United States? …After a year and a half of erratic tweets and rambling speeches, we can’t be certain. Here is what we do know: We know Mr Trump is the most unprepared president-elect in modern history. We know that by words and actions, he has shown himself to be temperamentally unfit to lead a diverse nation of 320 million people. We know he has threatened to prosecute and jail his political opponents, and he has said he would curtail the freedom of the press. We know he lies without compunction.

The New Yorker

The election of Donald Trump to the presidency is nothing less than a tragedy for the American republic, a tragedy for the constitution, and a triumph for the forces, at home and abroad, of nativism, authoritarianism, misogyny, and racism. Trump’s shocking victory, his ascension to the presidency, is a sickening event in the history of the United States and liberal democracy. On January 20, 2017, we will bid farewell to the first African-American president—a man of integrity, dignity, and generous spirit—and witness the inauguration of a con who did little to spurn endorsement by forces of xenophobia and white supremacy. It is impossible to react to this moment with anything less than revulsion and profound anxiety.

The Guardian:

The unthinkable is only unthinkable until it happens. Then, like the sacking of Rome, it can seem historically inevitable. So it is with the global political earthquake that is the election of Donald Trump as the next president of the United States. If he is true to his campaign pledges, which were many and reckless, Mr Trump’s win will herald America’s most stunning reversal of political and economic orthodoxy since the New Deal in the 1930s, but with the reverse effect. It halts the ailing progressive narrative about modern America and the 21st-Century world in its tracks. It signals a seismic rupture in the American-dominated global liberal economic and political order that had seemed to command the 21st Century after communism collapsed and China’s economy soared.

The Washington Post:

We can’t pretend to optimism that Mr Trump will suddenly shape more rational responses to these problems than he offered on the campaign trail, nor that he will discover a discipline or wisdom he has yet to display. Over the course of his campaign, Mr Trump spoke about jailing Ms Clinton, suing women who accused him of unwanted sexual advances, neutering the speaker of the House and revoking press freedoms. He has spoken of creating a super PAC dedicated to political vengeance. He has promised to deport millions, rip up trade agreements, apply religious tests and sabotage international efforts to fight climate change, each of which would hurt many people.

So what happened is the question that many Americans are asking.  I for one, have a confession to make.  As much as I have blogged and spoken about my total disgust for Trump, I have not been an outspoken proponent of Hillary Clinton.  In the 2008 election I was not a Hillary supporter, but was a precinct captain for Barack Obama.  He inspired me to become politically active because he generated hope for a brighter future.

Hillary didn’t inspire me to be a precinct captain, or even put a sign in my yard.  I wish that Hillary had been more truthful.  I am much more tolerant of a person admitting to a mistake than telling a lie.


It was hard for me to accept the idea that our first female President rose to fame as a result of being the WIFE of the President.  While I respect Hillary’s right to stay married to Bill after he publicly humiliated her over,and over again, it was hard to feel good about Hillary as a role model for American women.  Hillary has known for a long time that she desired to become the first female President.  Did she think that “American voters would simply ignore her use of a private e-mail server for top secret documents?  Did she think it wouldn’t matter to us that she accepted donations to her private foundation from foreign countries while she was serving as Secretary of State?

Hillary was not a perfect candidate.  In spite of her deficiencies, she was by far preferable to the savage Donald Trump.  It wasn’t enough to cast my vote for her.  I should have been more proactive in my support of Hillary.  The American people have spoken, and the idea of “making America great again” is hard to argue with.  For the millions of people who want to make America great again,…I do too.  For the millions of Americans who feel total despair this morning that Donald Trump will be our next president, I do too.  Trump has been a cancer to America, eating away at everything that makes us great.  Even with the most potent chemotherapy it is unclear whether we will survive.

Friedrich Nietzsche said:  “WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU, MAKES YOU STRONGER.”  If we survive as a nation the Presidency of Donald Trump, it will make us stronger.  We will learn from our mistakes.  We will learn how important it is to be strong advocates for the candidates that best represent our values, regardless of their deficiencies.  We will not as a people remain ignorant of the danger of candidates running for the highest office in the land.  We must hold our politicians accountable.  People in America are fed up with the dysfunction and self-serving agenda of politicians from both parties.  If we are to regain our position as the leader of the free world, we must seek out leaders that inspire confidence rather than celebrities that promote dysfunction,violence, and divisiveness.



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  1. Malia,
    The pictures you put up with your article are so funny AND wacky. Thank God you still have a sense of humour. Scarah and family are still around!!! Never ending free money grab!!!!!


  2. I really have nothing to say. This is a fight to the bottom. Can’t blame Palin or trump they were jus unqualified idiots worshipped by fox news sound bites.

    I guess its time to party likes its 1959. Go grab a pound of legal pot and smoke it until you are lobotomized to accept this clown. Go slap someone hard and see if you can get deported.

    Trump / moose a lean ee 2020


  3. Hi Malia –

    Well – here we are today. My grandson woke me up at midnight to let me know Trump had won. My granddaughter this morning was sitting on the edge of her bed crying. Other relatives and friends are in total shock and sadness today. So hard to move forward right now.
    I find it so amazing so many people overlooked the character traits of Trump. Such a despicable person.
    We have to acknowledge so many key things that propelled him to win. We could look at the history of racism in this country (denied by those who are but still there), The absolute brainwashing of women to think they deserve to be led instead of leading. The overt accomplishments of people in many states who have made it difficult for certain groups of people to vote. I could go on – but just wanted to connect with you and express my appreciation for your constant work. Best wishes.


    1. Pat,
      Thanks for thinking of me. I have to tell you that I’m optimistic by nature but it is really hard for me to even find anything to laugh about today.


      1. I know. First thing this morning I got hugs from the grandchildren because they knew I would be heartbroken. Then hugs and encouragement from the young woman who lives with us to help me with my husband and the children. She was so concerned for me and just tried to fill me with good thoughts. She has connections who are very conservative but they could just not for Trump.
        Somehow we will all survive this – although I am fearful Trump and his minions will now dismantle everything Obama has done in the past eight years.


      2. Pat,
        It is truly a sad day for America. People around the world are in mourning. When Obama was elected,people around the world celebrated, and now they are as shocked and saddened as we.


  4. I’m sure the ‘deplorables’ are celebrating raucously, but I felt as though all my optimism for the future has been sucked out of me. When I think of the equivalent of “Joe the Plumber” as our leader, when I try to picture Guiliani, Gingrich, Conway, Bannon and Christie being given federal appointments, when I consider who now might be selected for the Supreme Court and when I imagine that gold-plated family in the White House, I grieve for the nation and for myself. In my lifetime we will not have role models in the White House to emulate.

    The only ray of hope is that
    1. Trump U judge finds our new president guilty and he gets sentenced for 4 years.
    2. The IRS finds egregious malfeasance in his tax records and he goes to jail for 4 years.
    3. Trump reverts to his true, ugly self so fast that he is impeached.

    In all these scenarios, we’d end up with President Pence, potentially a nuttier presidency than the one that’s about to start.


  5. “If we survive as a nation the Presidency of Donald Trump, it will make us stronger. We will learn from our mistakes. ”

    I would’t bet on it/


  6. Two whores will inhabit the white house come January. Maybe we should start calling it the ‘whore house’?



  7. I am done. Without insurance, which I was paying full price for, I cannot survive because I require an expensive shot monthly or more to live. That is over. I cannot think what I can do, but try to leave the country or move to the country and live in a shipping container, try to live off the grid. Maybe I can negotiate with J&J to come down on their price. I still have to pay for other drugs and doctors though, but Procrit, I cannot live without. Millions will lose their insurance and many will die, that is a fact.


    1. Howlermonkey,
      I’m with you! I’m on national health care, and can’t go back to private due to MS being a preexisting condition!


  8. Like I said on another post, A leopard does not change his spots. This is an ego fest for trump. He hasn’t got a clue about what to do now. But I predict that the tunnel under the white house that Pres Kennedy used to smuggle in his “dates” will be busier than Chris Christie’s bridge with during a traffic study.

    I have chosen to make my peace with these results although I am still very sad for our nation.

    I read an article about one highly placed trump supporter suggesting that a woman’s right to vote should be taken away. I did not save the link but I wish I had. I think I was too stunned. With all three branches now republican we can say goodbye to all the good social issue changes for the last 50 years.


  9. Huge difference from 08 and 12. This year I received the harassing text at 3am from a trump defender that has attacked, harassed and extorted for one year straight.


  10. A day that will go down in infamy! Way to go, ‘Murica! Poorly educated, proudly ignorant racists and phobics. Expect Godwin’s law to remain suspended through 2020. On the bright side, we’ll probably be seeing less of The Donald’s greasy douchebag sons.


    1. steve,
      I think people around the globe will identify this as the day that American lost its world stance as the leader of the free world.


  11. Malia – Very well said! Thank you for this today. I would have enjoyed sitting down with people today and just talking through this fiasco over coffee, but your blog helped me sort through it all – while drinking a cup of coffee. This election was sad for history, but even though Hillary lost, Americans must not lose! There is a lot to lose so we Americans need to continue to fight for everyone. it will be interesting, and at the same time scary, to see how this evolves. One can only hope Trump’s 4 years are difficult and full of controversy – starting with the rape case and the Trump University case.

    Melania Trump is all over the news today mainly about her life, wardrobe, fashion, what she plans to do once first lady, and how “mysterious” she is because she is rarely seen or heard in public. Melania wore a white silk Ralph Lauren off-the-shoulder pantsuit to the election after party. It rings up at $3,990. No telling how much her shoes cost.

    Sarah and her daughters were relegated to the children’s table, outside of the main event. Sarah wore a red jacket with a satin collar. Sarah has the look of someone who had cheek implants and lip enlargement. She looks bad! Piper and Willow stood behind Sarah while she gave her “America has become the new Brexit across the pond” speech to an interviewer who spoke so low that it was hard to hear the question. Sarah is a joke! I hope she doesn’t qualify for a cabinet post, but with Trump as the appointee, anything is possible. Not sure if Giuliani and Christie will advise Trump to leave Sarah in the mix for a spot in his administration, but if she is left out in the cold, she will never forget or forgive Trump! That should be fun to hear and see!


    1. Sharon,
      I predict Trump will do something highly objectionable with Palin, like designate her to be the spokesperson for women! “She has all the right body parts so Trump willdeem her to be qualified. It wouldn’t occur to him that she doesn’t represent us!


  12. Hate won. And it will get worse when the people that voted for the wall, for deporting people, for banning Islam, for bringing jobs back from China (Trump’s hats?), etc., realize none of that is happening. What will be happening are the GOP’s wet dreams: Obamacare, gone. Roe v. Wade, gone. But Abortion won’t be gone and women will die just like they did before. Climate change, nope, nothing to see here. Nuclear Iran? Coming soon. Congrats, GOP!!! You built this!


  13. Day 2 after the take over. I am trying to find anything in this election to be happy about. I continue to think that the election was rigged. We had warning after warning from the trump camp that they were capable of arranging that. Why is it not challenged. The ballots somehow were tampered with or the electronic machines were tampered with. It should be straight up paper ballot and counted on election day with receipt of your vote and number in hand. Republicans rigged the election and we are too smart to figure out how.


    1. Of course it was rigged. The rethuglicans have been gerrymandering for the last 50 years for just such a result. Hopefully they won’t be happy with their victory.


  14. I have lost words to explain this election to the young girls in my family. I don’t know how to explain that America elected a rapist and abuser. And that it is ok to treat people as he does.


    1. Hi,
      I don’t think its a good exercise to explain it, as it is so bad to admit that this Happened in America. We have to use it as an example to our youngsters of why it is essential that they vote!


      1. Malia the children are extremely fearful, world is coming to end, afraid of rape, abuse and assault. Their minority friends are in despair. Its bad. This outright Russian invasion has caused serious mental despair in our society and must be stopped today.


  15. Excellent post, Malia. I couldn’t bring myself to reply yesterday, but I have a 24 hour rule on bitching and moaning, potty mouth, you name it, and then it’s back to business at hand!

    I so appreciate all the hard work you’ve done and will continue to do! At this point, I’m trying to help locally where I can and holding those near and dear to me a little tighter. We are a resilient people, and we’ll make it through this as we have difficulties in the past! Blessings to you always.


    1. CIP,
      I know how you feel, and believe me I thought about just not writing anything yesterday I was so despondent! I am still sad and shocked, and sick about not just the win, but about millions of Americans who voted for him! It makes me question who we are as a nation. I would like to believe that voters are just ignorant and not evil. If that’s true, maybe they will get an education over the next four years as they watch Trump destroy America.


  16. When reality hits, anything to bash a man, who has declined the president’s salary, and is serving America for free…. it’s saint-like for him to run the country for free. This was a demotion, and charity is the ultimate word to describe his services to you radical brainless liberals. The fact is, your hate helped us win in 2016, and it will help again. Hope you can hear our deafening silence now… we showed it at the voting booths. #MAGA little minds in your bubbles. I know it must suck to lose to offer free everything to the people and still lose to someone you call incompetent. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. We will win as history will repeat itself, in 2020.


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