…And Now Something to Laugh About That Has Nothing to do With Politics!

9 thoughts on “…And Now Something to Laugh About That Has Nothing to do With Politics!

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  1. After we pick ourselves up and work with the gifts that we have, we can prove the obvious. We got trumped by the wig party 2016. Trump is neither republican nor democrat today. He does not get along with anyone. He thinks big and so should we. And we should use that to get something done. Use the very angry words that republicans called trump for the last year against them. It shows their weakness and ignorance. They got trumped because Don John Trump is not a Republican, he was a democrat and mingled with democrats. And now he is the successful independent whig party of 2016. Get yer thinking caps on……….and lets turn this ship around to America’s favor. Boo on democrats for riding on Obama coattails. Boo on republicans for being weak. They committed treason and espionage and must be held accountable. It is a yuge wake up call to both parties.


  2. Good morning Malia, I was watching MSNBC and couldn’t help but think of you when they were talking about the SS details on the Trump family! Can you imagine what they’ll be able to get away with now? Yikes!


      1. Hey, don’t worry they will be fired and eat each other after time. Trump wants to be the greatest. Ok, lets help him by offering suggestions. He will dump the chums soon because they are trouble, in trouble and will be trouble and he needs the other side now, the smartest, best and brightest. And rudy, Christie and Flynn are not it. Placing a camara in the WH would be a good “reality” gesture for the American people. We can watch the peoples house (: maybe he will reel and deal and charge for the x rated wh stuff to pay off the debt created by republicans.


  3. While I am glad Obama’s kids have been afforded media protection when they act as typical teenagers and attend parties, I hope they don’t spend their 20s lost like Chelsea admittedly did. I hate that Sarah’s family has been “yuuuugely” slandered. They’re such humble, tenacious and accepting people. No judgment exits their mouths. They want people to be kind and not lie about them or anyone else. They were all raised to work for things they want. They’ve never been idle. They’ve never been in trouble or had serious problems. The one who recently had a single skirmish only wants to be left alone and people to stop lying about him and his family. I think he planned to attempt to go pro in hockey and several coaches told him he had a shot. his injuries and subsequent related surgeries (the last being in 2013) put a damper on that and he and a friend chose to enlist.

    Liberals need to stop lying and bullying strangers.


    1. Alicia, please give it up! Chelsea wasn’t “lost” in her twenties–she was getting her DOCTORATE! Compare that to Sarah’s children, who may or may not have a HIGH SCHOOL diploma!


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