Palin Goes to a Bar in Detroit to Induce People to Hold Trump Signs

Sarah Palin went all the way to Detroit Sunday evening and predicted a “monster vote” for Trump in Michigan.

“If Trump wins, then America wins,” she said during an interview with Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly that was taped at the Town Pump Tavern in Detroit. “They are hot, hot, hot for Trump in Michigan.”

About a dozen people were in the bar who held Trump signs.


This picture tells the story.  The people in the bar don’t seem to be paying attention to Palin.  Palin isn’t talking.  Palin is wearing black, and has either had another breast augmentation, or she’s been eating too many of those blueberry pies she loves.  It rather humorous that people would agree to hold Trump signs  only after a few beers, or shots.  It’s even funnier that Palin appeared in a bar , where people were already present, rather sponsoring a rally where people would have to intentionally come to see Sarah. I wonder why they chose a bar instead of a basketball game,


a k-mart,


a motorcycle rally,


or at a hospital.  They have a lot of people there,


and Sarah seems to love taking pictures at the hospital.

willow-and-piper-at-hospital  bristol-photoshopped-sailor-birth




4 thoughts on “Palin Goes to a Bar in Detroit to Induce People to Hold Trump Signs

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  1. Imagine, just a week ago, she chastised Hillary for appearing in a bar on a Sunday, and here $HE is, appearing in a bar on a Sunday…


  2. I don’t know but the hateful republican party of fools have begun breathing the word impeach. Let us not give them one day before we the American people file criminal charges against the gop Rnc and every republican that signed on to the last 8 yrs of obstruction and destruction of America and the American people. Espionage and Treason must be the charges filed against the entire Republican party. The FEC must stand up for Americans.


  3. OK, I’m just saying…… Why does a racist GOP candidate send a racist ex half term governor into a Detroit bar to campaign? What could go wrong? Too bad there is not another week to go, Trump could send David Duke to an after hours place in Compton.
    I have a feeling Trump & Co. were trying to see just how dumb and desperate Sarah Palin really is.


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