Palin Knows About Strippers; Clueless About Hispanic Voters Who Rely on Voting, Not Polls

Sarah Palin said that “Poles are only good for Strippers and Cross country skiers.”  

Sarah was suggesting that the polls indicating HIllary is going to win, must be wrong.

Bill O’Reilly asked Sarah, after she predicted a win by Trump, whether she thought she and McCain would win in 2008.  Palin admitted she did.  Thus even Bill O’Reilly demonstrates by his question that Sarah Palin’s opinion about who will win the election is not reliable.  Palin is so clueless that she is glad to be on television, even if the interview makes her look like a fool!  Donald Trump must know that he needed to find a fool to talk about his upcoming victory.

The funny thing is that Trump made a point of insulting Hispanic citizens of America, from the beginning of his campaign.

Any person serious about seeking to win the Presidency would be a fool to ignore the Hispanic vote.  The Hispanic electorate is expected to number 27.3 million eligible voters (adult U.S. citizens) in 2016, projected to make up 12% of all eligible voters, a share equal to that of blacks among eligible voters.    Not surprisingly, Hispanic voters are supporting Hillary Clinton by blowout margins. Hispanic voters could be poised to deliver a historic rebuke to Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

Early-vote statistics from battleground states with large Hispanic populations show record turnout among a bloc that has voted at a lower rate than whites or blacks in past elections. If, as some polls suggest, Hispanic voters are supporting Hillary Clinton by blowout margins, these numbers could sink Trump in a handful of states that are essential to his path to 270 electoral votes.  For example, in Nevada, Latino turnout propelled Democrats in Clark County — the population center that’s home to Las Vegas — to a record-breaking close on Friday, driving up the Democratic lead in early ballots cast to 72,000. That’s enough, according to veteran Nevada political analyst Jon Ralston, to essentially tie a bow on the state for Clinton.

A famous Hispanic singer, Vicente Fernandez, dedicated a song to HIllary that has gone viral.  He sings in Spanish, “I am Latino to the bone, very proud of that.”

“And I remind you, my brother, we must go forward hand-in-hand until Hillary Clinton assures her triumph.”

“We are an important family that always goes forward. My liberty, my rights, with Hillary there is respect. With her as president, we will always have a bridge.”

“My country was hurt that someone would offend it. Hillary we are with you. You can count with our vote. You will be our voice as president.”

The 76-year-old singer, who reached acclaim in Mexico in the 1980s and 1990s and won multiple Latin Grammy awards, emerged from retirement to make the endorsement for Clinton. The video did strike a chord with Spanish speakers given Fernandez’s wide appeal with Mexicans.

6 thoughts on “Palin Knows About Strippers; Clueless About Hispanic Voters Who Rely on Voting, Not Polls

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  1. Oh goodness that was TOXIC……that was painful to my ears. Her voice face is full of venom and its oddly lopsided. Poor thing is so angry and still delusional. Her and Trump suffer from the same mental illness. Both are Pathological Liars.


  2. So grateful Hispanics are coming out in great numbers. Much of the success of that goes to the local activists in the neighborhoods who have been out knocking on doors and helping people get registered to vote. I am worried about N Carolina. It looks as if their plan to limit votes from the black community has had an impact. Surely there is a way to challenge them on this – especially since they are bragging about it. Disgusting.


  3. Malia – She spews the same old crap, just a different day! Is she on the campaign trail for Trump/Pence on her own, or did Trump/Pence and their team plan these events for her? Apparently everything was last minute because she gave a speech in Michigan on Sunday while standing in the bed of a pickup truck in a parking lot! Later on Sunday she went to a tavern in Detroit and gave a speech. I thought Piper and Willow were with her so how did Piper get into a tavern? And, wasn’t it just a couple of weeks ago Sarah was bitching about Hillary going into a bar on a Sunday? What a hypocrite Sarah is! Today she gave a speech in covered building – even if it was an airplane hanger. LOL
    If she is going to continue on the campaign trail, and before she heads to NYC on Tuesday night, she needs to wash her hair and wear clothes that fit! It’s hard to tell if she has gained weight, but what is obvious is her face – looks like Dr.Jack Meoff overfilled her cheek implants!


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