John Oliver Shares His Final Thoughts Before the Election

7 thoughts on “John Oliver Shares His Final Thoughts Before the Election

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  1. Vote early and often

    Zin heil comrads

    Trump Putin 2016

    This will probably be the last election where you can vote. So vote a lot.

    May Todd be with you.


    1. painchipeater,
      I think alcohol will be in order tonight as the returns come in. I hope we hear about Trump’s theory about how the election was rigged, as he’ll only be talking about it if he loses.


  2. Malia, Is that chemical mix Barstool is plugging one of the pyramid schemes Oliver talked about in his show. He really destroyed these pyramid businesses by doing the accounting and showing how few people actually earn much more than $10.


  3. I love it, how Don the Con got booed at his polling place today.
    Telling also, the picture, where he looks over to make sure Melania is voting for him, not Hillary. (And, I am quite sure, if she DID VOTE for Hillary, she will not see the end of this, and will be served with a divorce petition or worse tomorrow morning. AFTER his Secret Service people have left them. (Seems they are already packing up their gear and loading it into trucks outside the tRump Tower, where they had been settled with having to pay way more rent than any other reisdent in there…)


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