Sarah Palin Joins Donald Trump in the Politics of Deception, Destruction, and Defeat

Sarah Palin has spent the last 8 years associating herself with the politics of Deception and Destruction.  Was there ever a more deceptive and destructive lie than Death Panels?  Even after it was rated the “Lie of the Year” Sarah continues to this day to promote the fear and misinformation associated with “death panels.”  As late as October 26th, 2016, Palin has been promoting the fear associated with death panels.  When Palin helped Ted Cruz shut down the government, it cost America an estimated  24 BILLION DOLLARS.

Sarah Palin and Senator Ted Cruz

After the negative publicity of the government shutdown, Palin withdrew her allegiance to Ted Cruz and endorsed Trump.


Donald Trump is predicted to lose the election of 2016.  Hillary is projected to have a 99% chance of winning.  Thus, Donald Trump has once again, tried to deceive the nation with the impression that his life is in danger by being rushed off stage in Nevada by Secret Service.  There was no apparent danger.  Trump returned to finish his speech.  The “heckler” was detained.  There was no gun or weapon found.  There was no real threat.  It was just another example of the deceptive nature of Donald Trump.  It’s like when he pretended to be another person to promote himself .  Trump called himself “John Miller” or “John Barron,” and gave an interview lauding himself.




As we approach Super Tuesday, it’s being reported that Trump has invited Sarah Palin to be with him in New York as he loses the 2016 election.  That move by Trump was strategic.  Palin is experienced at losing an election.  She still has her speech prepared.  She is unafraid of blaming the loss on someone…anyone else.  She is experienced in losing and still claiming to be “Undefeated.”


Trump and Palin deserve each other.  The funny thing is that after the election is over, I predict that Trump will have nothing to do with Sarah because she is not attractive enough for his taste.  It’s also funny that Sarah PAC has not announced any financial support for Donald Trump.  I guess we will be able to confirm that when the quarterly filings are made.


Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how lucky Donald Trump is that Sarah can be with him because Alaska is just so darn far away.  Trump seems to have kept Palin away until it was clear that he’d lose, and then invited Palin as she was one of the few  people that he could ask to speak on his behalf, after he loses, suggesting that the election was rigged.


Thank heavens Sarah will be able to return to Alaska, and express her great appreciation for losers.  She will be there in time to pardon a turkey for Thanksgiving, and make some of her famous, flour-less, blueberry pies!



15 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Joins Donald Trump in the Politics of Deception, Destruction, and Defeat

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  1. That’s how bad Trump is in the race. He stooped to using a “tool” he rejected for most of the campaign. H’e’s trying to scrape the bottom of the barrel to squeeze out the meth head votes.


  2. Yet she opposed the most opaque administration in decades: Obama. Liberals comedians even acknowledge this. Sarah wants our elected officials to work FOR us, without hurting hardworking taxpayers.None of Sarah’s family are takers and will never be takers. THAT is the spirit we need. People who only make decisions they can live with.


    1. careyaLIE Have you seen any Palin tax returns? No? Then how would you know if they even have jobs? Odds are that none of the Palins have been gainfully employed since 2008. Don’t come back with Bristol’s “I’ll show up at Dr. Jack me off’s office when I feel like it” fake job. Track Menard Palin has been nothing but a drunken drug addicted womanizer since High School. Todd is an unemployed ‘purse carrier’ with injuries. Willow shows up for the hair salon only on occasion, and Sarah has not received a paycheck since Fox canned her. By the way, where do you work, Florida troll?


  3. Malia – Two days before the election, Trump is bringing in the Wasilla loon as a “closer”!? Sarah should be rested and healed from her fall while rock running fall or the scope eye injury she suffered this summer. She has spent her time copying and pasting articles from the IJR to her Facebook instead of campaigning for Trump or other Republicans. Today she is scheduled to be in two towns in Michigan with a combined population of 15K. Her speech in Alpena MI will be in a parking lot! It is laughable!


  4. Malia I read this in Immoral Minority and wanted to share it with you.

    Anonymous11:49 AM
    Todd Palin – Donald Trump

    All this talk about Trump has some FBI agents in his back pocket to do his bidding made me think of Todd Palin and his wife’s 2008 vice presidential Secret Service detail.

    Todd’s girlfriend and prostitute Shailey Tripp said Todd pimped her out to Sarah’s Secret Service agent.

    Why would Todd do that? Is it so later on Todd could blackmail the Secret Service agent? Does the Secret Service agent now belong to and reports to Todd and has to do his bidding and keeps him out of future trouble?

    Did Trump hire prostitutes to put some (married) FBI agents into compromising positions and they now belong to and report to Trump?

    Shailey Tripp said she recognized the faces of some of the detectives and police officers of the Anchorage Police Department who were investigating her for prostitution. Shailey said she serviced them.

    Shailey said they confiscated evidence that implicated Todd Palin as her pimp but that evidence disappeared and they never implicated Todd.

    Shailey also said something about Todd had her keep notes of who she serviced, when, where and what were their sexual fetishes.

    Why would Todd want that information? Did he use that information to blackmail the Anchorage detectives and police officers which meant Todd owned them? Is that why they destroyed evidence?

    Are some of the FBI agents obligated to Trump and they leaked information as well as leaked false information to the press regarding frontrunner Hillary Clinton?

    Did they also look the other way regarding Trump and Russian agents?


  5. Moaning Jo and Meeka explained that trump their friend has a chance!! Interesting? Trump has the goods on many people. Anyone that may be called a friend, stayed at his bugged resorts, attended his parties, or has ties to Russia. Yep. extortion bribes and threats is how trump and criminals work. Drug and rape. Bait and trap, Create stories. Hire dirty law enforcement to do dirty lying work for them all over the country.

    Don has been preparing his whole life for this election. His black book is full

    Exposing this group and culture is yuge.


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