Court Order Directed at Trump Will Have “No Effect” on Trump


Would it surprise anyone that Donald Trump ignored a Court Order?  Of course not!  He’s done much worse.  Trump has suggested if he loses the election, it could only be the result of fraud.

Trump went so far as to suggest that exit polling should be conducted to identify voter fraud.  The judge in Ohio specifically ordered Trump and his campaign representatives to cease the conduct that might intimidate voters.  A spokesman for Trump said the court’s ruling would have no effect on Trump’s campaign, since it is already “doing everything in accordance with applicable law.”  This is typical of Donald Trump.  He believes he is above the law, and believes that he has enough money that he can manipulate any order by any Court to  his liking.  He feels immune from the laws that govern behavior for all the rest of America.  Perhaps that is why he believes he can violate the constitutional rights of Americans without accountability.  Trump’s campaign announced that the Court’s Order will have “NO EFFECT” on the campaign.

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  1. I normally vote by mail, but this year I decided to visit the polling place. I have been an independent observer, so I know the rules. I will have the number for the election board attorneys ready. Part of the problem is the precinct workers who illegally allow party affiliated monitors inside to challenge voters.


  2. And The Lady said…..we can look him straight in his ugly fat face and eyes and reach down and grab that smelly tiny penis because we can and tell him to cook his own f ing dinner……..sorry everyone I could not help it…..excuse me while I go prepare dinner for my wonderful husband of 25yrs. (-: hang in there everyone.

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