Sean Hannity Admits He Lied



Sean Hannity is one of the most popular anchors for Fox News, that beacon of “Fair and Balanced” News. Fox News is ‘fair and balanced” except when they are caught in a lie.  Let’s remember these moments:



Now that the 2016 election is days away Hannity lied again.  “Sean Hannity admitted on Tuesday that he used false information in making his case that President Obama is destined for jail.

Earlier that day, during the radio broadcast of the ‘Sean Hannity Show,’ he used fake news that the president, the first lady, and Elizabeth Warren had scrubbed Hillary Clinton references from their Twitter feeds.

Following that announcement Hannity asserted, “Wow. That means they know it’s huge. You know why? Because Obama’s implicated! He’s implicated here…You know what his legacy might be? Jail.”

The primary source of the information was ‘Your News Wire,’ a site known to often publish fake stories.”

Of course Hannity has admitted the story was false.  However the damage is done.  How many people heard that story and went strait to the polls?  Hannity’s remarks are unforgivable.  He lied. He knew he was lying.  He intentionally deceived his audience in an effort to get them to support his candidate for President.


Sarah Palin and conservatives refer to the “lame-stream media” but there will never be a better example of a “news” anchor intentionally deceiving his audience.

The combination of the sexual abuser, Roger Ailes and the Intentional Deceptive Sean Hannity is a clear indication that there is nothing “fair” or “balanced” about Fox News.


4 thoughts on “Sean Hannity Admits He Lied

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  1. I have never been so stressed and exhausted over an election in my entire life. This is the end of America as we know it if the child molestor wins. There are no words for the intense outrage – even hatred that I’m feeling towards the entire Republican Party – I’m absolutely convinced they have been infiltrated by anti American influences and our country will be in the hands of an egomaniac who is nothing more than a sock puppet for Putin and his henchmen. If I sound crazy – you haven’t been paying attention.


  2. 0h yes don has been busy. It cost a lot to make miracles happen and santa claus to arrive for the “disenfranchised”. Who are those poor Donald sheep voters? His employees? Bartenders? Food Service? prisoners? Real Estate agents and developers? Lousy Actors? and those few dirty anti america Clinton constitutional sheriffs and fbi agents? hmmm? Don is their santa claus and miracle. More guns. More crime. Private prison, But the Donald don’t deliver and don will not keep them out of jail, prison, give them a job, make them pretty or smart. Nope. Don the con has conned them too. and that is why his song is ya cant always get what ya want….


  3. Since Media has pushed the slime to the limit with their programming and producer selections. They own the Donald plot and destruction of America game show. Those that have enabled and joined that nasty dirty little man boy boob to cause harm directly to our country must be held accountable.

    It is not enough to site ratings and profits as a reason to promote hate, racism, crime, division, and damage to our children. It is time to regulate and control the nasty dirty element of our entertainment industry and programming. It is not ok to allow a person like don on the ballot with his known and unknown record of deceit.


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