400 Economists Can’t Be Wrong!

Bill Clinton made famous the phrase, “It’s the economy stupid!”  His point was that the single most important issue for Americans is the economy.  In the rush to report on the ongoing pussy-grabbing, e-mail scandals, many have lost sight of the economic issues.  Economic issues should be of particular concern given the fact that Trump has declared bankruptcy four times and lives life extravagantly, instead of the modest life style that might lead to economic security.



Nearly 400 economists have signed an open letter to voters denouncing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and telling voters to “choose a different candidate.”

“Donald Trump is a dangerous, destructive choice for the country,” the letter said. “He misinforms the electorate, degrades trust in public institutions with conspiracy theories, and promotes willful delusion over engagement with reality.”

“If elected, he poses a unique danger to the functioning of democratic and economic institutions, and to the prosperity of the country,” the economists wrote.

Nineteen Nobel laureates in economics published a separate open letter endorsing Clinton for president.  But this isn’t really news.  We’ve been on notice for a long time that Trump presents a dangerous threat to the American economy.  Back in May the Atlantic reported that…” a closer look his policy proposals, such as they are, suggests that within his first few years as president, he would more likely make American recessionary again.”

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  1. Texas Govenor, called Clinton the “c” word through a tweet, and then deleted it…I want to know why isn’t Bristol and Mommykins, Sarah not runnning to Hillary’s rescue? Why are they not demanding his resignation? Why are they staying so quiet? These people! (for those who can’t tell, this is sarcasm)


    1. LOL your “Hero” is done!!! According to NYPD sources, files found on Weiner’s newly found laptop which he shared with his wife Huma Abedin, show evidence of a political pedophile ring operating within Washington, involving members of Congress as well as numerous top Clinton aides and insiders.

      According to reports, a folder on Weiner’s laptop named “life insurance” contains explicit evidence that both Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin helped run and cover-up a Washington pedophile sex ring!

      You suck, pedophile enablers!!!


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