Palin Breaks the Law Again!

In her recent Facebook post of August 27th, Sarah advertised her support of Trump by posting a picture of her ballot from casting her ballot during early voting.


The only problem is that taking pictures at a polling place where ballots are cast is against the law.  While the First Amendment gives people the right to say what they want, there are reasonable restrictions imposed by every state regarding the polling places.  The taking of pictures inside the polling place is especially dangerous as the law is designed to protect the integrity and confidentiality of a voter casting a ballot.  Everyone knows Palin is voting for Trump.  Thus, taking this picture, in violation of the law, was gratuitous and unnecessary. Palin could have announced on Facebook that she just cast her ballot for Trump.  However it seems that Palin is plagued with ignorance of the law, or perhaps she knows the law but intentionally disregards the law.

The Palin family has a long a colorful history of violating the law with little or no consequences.

Remember when they failed to pay tax on the improved site of their cabins?

Todd was a pimp, was publicly outed by his prostitute, but was never charged.


Track vandalized school buses but no charges were filed.


Todd and Sarah were reported to have abused drugs,but no charges were ever filed.


Bristol smoked pot on camera but no charges were filed.

Track committed an undisputed act of domestic violence.  Yet the prosecutor chose to respect the Palin family and dismissed all charges involving assault and domestic violence.

Bristol committed an assault and battery during the Palin family brawl, but no charges were filed.


Diane Palin burglarized a house, three times, and endangered a child, and all charges were dropped after going t o drug rehabilitation.


Willow vandalized a house, but no charges were filed.

Sarah herself violated the rules of ethics in the Troopergate matter, and abused her power, but suffered no consequences.

Todd ignored a subpoena, but suffered no consequences.


Sarah violated the ethics code by making money off legislation she approved while Governor, during the year after she resigned as Governor.   That violation cost Alaskan taxpayers 20 MILLION DOLLARS but Sarah suffered no consequences.

Remember the violation of the Federal trademark law?


Given the history of the Palin family, it is certain that Sarah will not be held accountable for taking a picture inside the polling place.

The actions of Sarah and her family have been documented, and no criminal consequences were imposed.  There may be many others, some of which relate to arson?  When it becomes clear that the Palins  are not held accountable in Alaska for any crimes, there is greater suspicion about unsolved cases.


An overnight fire at Gov. Sarah Palin's church, Wasilla Assembly of God, caused an estimated $1 million in damage, and investigators say it could be the work of an arsonist, Saturday, December 13, 2008. (Stephen Nowers/Anchorage Daily News/MCT)



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  1. She is SO stupid. Incident after incident confirms how lucky we are she didn’t get near the White House.

    Now we have a more dangerous version of stupidity and venal behavior vying for the White House itself. I hope everyone gets out to vote against the Trump monster who took several ideas from the Palin playbook.


  2. Thanks, Malia – but where’s the picture of Sarah inserting her ballot into her vagina? In the absence of that, her party loyalty and martyrdom is questionable.


  3. Alaska has a statute prohibiting the identification of ballots (Alaska Stat. § 15.15.290), which might be used to prohibit video/photo activities that can identify voters and their ballots. However a “ballot” in this context means a marked ballot that identifies the voter’s vote. The ballot in the picture is unmarked.

    A 19 states plus DC do not ban taking pictures in polling places. From ABC news

    CONNECTICUT: No law bans ballot selfies, according to Patrick Gallahue, a spokesman for Secretary of State Denise Merrill. But election moderators have discretion to prohibit activity “that threatens the orderly process of voting or the privacy of another voter’s ballot.”

    DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: There’s no ban. Election officials discourage people from taking pictures but won’t do anything to stop them, said Tamara Robinson, a spokeswoman for the D.C. Board of Elections.

    HAWAII: A law passed this year allows voters to share a digital image of one’s own marked ballot.

    IDAHO: There’s no law banning them, the secretary of state’s office said.

    INDIANA: A federal judge last year barred the state from enforcing a new law prohibiting ballot selfies.

    KENTUCKY: Secretary of state spokesman Bradford Queen says state law does not allow people to record the likeness of a voter, but the law does not say whether voters can record their own likeness. Therefore, the secretary of state’s office routinely tells county clerks the law does not prohibit ballot selfies.

    LOUISIANA: Secretary of State Tom Schedler says ballot selfies are allowed in the state, though he’s not a fan of them.

    MAINE: The secretary of state discourages ballot selfies because there’s a ban on making unauthorized ballot copies, but there’s no law against voters posting photos of their marked ballot.

    MINNESOTA: Allowed as long as they’re not shown to fellow voters at the polling place or capture another person in the photo.

    MONTANA: Law does not specifically prohibit the use of cameras at polling places, but election administrators and judges have broad authority to limit disruptive activity, according to Emily Dean, spokeswoman for the secretary of state. Sharing photos of absentee ballots is also not banned.

    NEBRASKA: Gov. Pete Ricketts signed a bill in April that allows someone to show their marked ballots to others without risking a $100 fine.

    NEW HAMPSHIRE: The 1st Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston last month upheld a decision that a ban was unconstitutional, saying it suppresses a large swath of political speech and there was no evidence to support the state’s concerns.

    NORTH DAKOTA: Photos inside polling places are allowed.

    OREGON: All voting is done through mail-in ballots, which voters are free to photograph. A state law prohibiting showing a marked ballot to another person was repealed in 2014, according to Molly Woon, a spokeswoman for Secretary of State Jeanne Atkins.

    RHODE ISLAND: The Board of Elections adopted new rules in time for November’s election that allow for selfie-taking inside polling places. The updated regulations allow voters to take photos as long as they don’t show another person’s ballot.

    UTAH: Gov. Gary Herbert signed a bill last year that makes it legal for people to snap pictures of themselves with their ballots. The law makes it a misdemeanor to photograph someone else’s ballot.

    VERMONT: No rules regarding photos in polling places. Clerks are encouraged to adopt specific rules for their polling places to maintain order, according to Jim Condos, a spokesman for the secretary of state.

    VIRGINIA: Attorney General Mark Herring issued a formal opinion last month that says ballot selfies are legal in Virginia. Nothing in Virginia law prohibits voters from taking pictures of themselves, fellow voters or their ballot within the polling place, he said.

    WASHINGTON STATE: It’s not against the law in Washington, but a spokesman for Washington state Secretary of State Kim Wyman said the office doesn’t recommend it.

    WYOMING: No laws against ballot selfies. Law does allow judges of elections to “preserve order at the polls by any necessary and suitable means.”


  4. Actually, as an article explained, what she did (which isn’t different from what Justin Timberlake did) is not illegal.

    Also, there is a lot of implied slander in this blog post Malia. You’re still slandering an innocent, deceased man who has nothing to do with this family aside from his family being their good friend.

    As far as taking pics, she clearly posted this at home. The law involves taking a pic and broadcasting it in the polling place to put it simply. She isn’t Bill Clinton, who DID break the law by showing up inside a polling place in IOWA and MASS on primary days.


    1. If she clearly took this picture at home, then she had to steal the official ballot, stupid. You can’t remove official ballots from a polling place for personal photos. You don’t even know the Palins, so why come here spouting off as if you are a Palin insider? Move out of your parents’ condo in St. Augustine, Fl. and go find a job if any company will hire your stalker ass.


  5. Malia – Sarah is so stupid she actually posted what appears to be her hands with her ballot in a voting booth on her Facebook – right before she voted for Donald J Trump. . Is she really that oblivious to the laws in Alaska? She knew it was against the law but she is apparently untouchable. Anyone else would have been arrested. Her vote should have been immediately voided !!

    There are now only 6 days until the election. The Wasilla loon said she was “planning logistics to get back on the campaign trail for the last week of this imperative fight” the day she voted. Still no sighting of her. Has Trump dumped her? Or, has her biggest fan, M.Joseph Sheppard, not caught up with her yet?


    1. This is what Trump supporters do:

      1. Scott Greene Clashed With Cops Last Month After Being Kicked Out of a Football Game for Flying a Confederate Flag During the National Anthem

      2. Greene Called a Man at His Apartment Complex the ‘N-Word’ & Threatened to Kill Him in 2014, Court Records Show

      3. His Daughter Posted a Photo to Facebook Saying #Scott’sLifeMatters After the Shootings, Saying He Was ‘Very Sick Mentally’



  6. And liberals cry about what Donald Trump says about women? And Hillary Clinton, the supposed warrior for women everywhere says nothing about the left’s persecution of this woman..the hypocrisy is nauseating.


  7. Malia,
    What does Sarah do all day? I mean besides constantly looking at an empty computer screen and taking illegal pictures and not eating???


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