Trump’s Anti-semetic Tactics

Now we can add Jews to the list of people against whom Trump discriminates.





5 thoughts on “Trump’s Anti-semetic Tactics

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  1. This is Trump’s ultimate target. These are the people who have been beating him in business since the start. New York Jews are very successful in real estate with more buildings, nicer buildings, taller buildings. Hitler and the Kaiser’s anti-Semitism came from resentment of Jews success in businesses.
    Trump’s manager, the blond with the underbite, claims she would have thrown the guy out if she had seen it. It’s been going on for over a year and they still have no security policy to expel the nut jobs. They do remove minorities, women, and folks with T shirts in foreign languages. Raving biased lunatics do not get thrown out.
    Seems odd that Trump throws women under the bus, forcing them to defend his insanity on national TV. They both look like they are ready to collapse, bags under the eyes, weariness, zombie like responses.


  2. Will Don J Trump be checking into Rehab on November 9th or sent to jail and charged. He and several others around him look very uncomfortable and stressed. Sex Drugs Lying and Espionage are serious health issues to overcome. It may take him and his physicians a lifetime to correct.


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