Bristol and Sarah Get It Wrong Again!

Everyone has heard Donald Trump brag about how rich he is.

Forbes estimates Trump’s net worth at $3.7 Billion Dollars.  Who knows what his real net worth is, in light of the huge debt he has amassed. Experts estimate his debt to exceed One Billion Dollars.  The real problem with a wealthy Presidential candidate is the possibility that the wealth could be used to mask he real character.  We have heard about his many lawsuits, and settlements complete with confidentiality agreements.  Remember the lawsuits he has settled.  (1)  Trump settled suit from his ex-wife Ivana, and required her to remain silent about the rape she reported in her book.  (2) Trump settled a suit with a confidentiality agreement with a former campaign aide who worked for him in this 2016 election.  (3) Trump reached a settlement with buyers of units in Trump SoHo, a 46-story luxury condominium-hotel who asserted that they had been defrauded by inflated claims made by Mr. Trump, his children and others of brisk sales in the struggling project(Trump and his co-defendants settled the case in November 2011, agreeing to refund 90 percent of $3.16 million in deposits, but required a confidentiality agreement as part of the settlement). (4)  Trump settle his case relating to the  Ocean Resort Baja Mexico, south of Tijuana, which was planned as a luxury high-rise resort with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, swimming pools, tennis courts and fine dining spread over 17 acres of coastal property.  Would-be condo buyers, many from Southern California, paid millions of dollars in deposits to secure units in the development. But the project failed in 2008 amid the financial crisis that curtailed real estate lending. The property was foreclosed on before construction began.  More than 100 would-be condo buyers filed suit in 2009 against Trump and his developer partners in the project. Last year, the developers agreed to pay $7.25 million to resolve their liability in the case.  (5)  Trump settled his case with Univision regarding the Miss Universe Pageant with a similar confidentiality agreement.

No doubt a similar settlement will be reached in the rape case against Trump.  That’s the case where a woman asserts that when she was 13 years old according to the suit, Trump tied her to a bed, exposed himself to her and then raped her in a “savage sexual attack.” Jane Doe asserts she screamed for him to stop at which point he struck her in the face while screaming “that he would do whatever he wanted.” In a statement filed with the lawsuit, Doe says Trump threatened to ruin her life and her family’s life if she ever told anyone about the incident:

Immediately following this rape Defendant Trump threatened me that, were I ever to reveal any of the details of Defendant Trump’s sexual and physical abuse of me, my family and I would be physically harmed if not killed.

The lawsuit also includes a witness statement from a “Tiffany Doe,” who says that, in the ’90s, she was in charge of recruiting adolescent women to entertain guests at Epstein’s parties—and she personally saw the incident occur.

I personally witnessed the Plaintiff being forced to perform various sexual acts with Donald J. Trump and Mr. Epstein. Both Mr. Trump and Mr. Epstein were advised that she was 13 years old.  You remember Mr. Epstein, he is the convicted rapists that has himself settled multiple civil suits with young women who asserted that he raped them.


Now Bristol and Sarah have taken to Facebook to laud Donald Trump for his incredible generosity is giving a whopping $10,000 to the family of a man taken prisoner in Iran and held for almost four years.  Let’s recall the actual facts.  Trump met with the wife of a Muslim American, who had converted to Christianity, back in Dec. of 2013.  Back in 2013, Saeed Abedinis was taken prisoner in Iran for promoting Christian ideology.  Trump met with Abedinis’ wife and is NOW reported to have given her $10,000.  Of course giving anyone in that situation $10,000.00 is kind.  However to Donald Trump,the donation of $10,000 would be trivial given his net worth.  Moreover, there is no indication that he was concerned, contacted, or kept up  withthe Abedinis family as they struggled over the last three years.  The $10,000 obviously ran out long ago, so Trump wasn’t really interested in the plight of this family.  The most astounding thing is that it was President Obama who secured the release of Abedinis.    When he did, Donald Trump was critical of the President.  Sarah Palin also directly attacked the President’s negotiation for the release of hostages held by Iran.

The bottom line is that Palins praise Trump for giving the family a pittance to assist with the financial crisis that occurred over a four year period,but Sarah was critical when he secured the release of Saeed from his captors in Iran.  It is obvious that Donald Trump uses his money, not to do good, or accomplish a charitable cause,but to promote the image of Trump as a philanthropist.  I he really cared about the Abedinis family he would have helped them financially every year that Sieed was help prisoner.  Instead of disparaging a gold-star Muslim family he would have provided financial support for them that their son would have provided if he’d not been killed in battle.



Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin addresses attendees at the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville, Tenn., Saturday, Feb. 6, 2010. (AP Photo/Ed Reinke)

It is also worthy of noting that although the casual observer might mistakenly think Trump was helping a Muslim family, the casual observer would be wrong.  It was a family who had converted from the Muslim faith to Christianity.  In a way Trump singling out this family sent a message to all Muslims,that they too would be rewarded if they converted to the one true religion, Christianity.  Yes, good Christians, including Donald Trump, the rapist and groper-in-chief, and the Palin family, champion of pimps and pregnancy out of wedlock, recognize and reward Muslims who are saved!  God help us all!



6 thoughts on “Bristol and Sarah Get It Wrong Again!

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  1. Trumps definitely a generous person and has helped many throughout his life. It would be wrong to take that away from him.

    But I don’t trust people that wealthy and that includes the Clintons, who’ve amassed quite a bundle in a short time.

    I do hate that the media wet apeshit over the Clintons initial lack of permits for renovation (they’ve sense acquired them I see). But was happy to see democrats for once being held to the same standard as republicans. Usually, democrats have no standard. But really, who the fuck cares if people don’t have permits. This world is too official and governed as it is.


  2. Malia – When Trump first said he would be running for POTUS, I read an article about him in which it was said he is very generous to people in need, but if they want to pay him back, he will gladly accept the money, no questions asked!

    OT – Today Trump “thanked” Anthony Weiner even though Trump had called Weiner a “pervert” and “major sleaze” in the past. Can it get any crazier than this? Un-flipping-believable!


  3. Goodness. First off the trump organization and friends are extortionist. Trump himself said that he spied on guest and employees. This is how they maneuver, extort and bribe. More than likely they did this to comey. Next……conveniently the Epstein jet was available to fly bill and entertain him probably just for this day. These people are cockroaches and they think like a classless cockroaches.


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