Nobody in the Palin Family Cares if Trump Disrespects Women

This was the original recording that included Trump bragging about trying to grab women by the pussy, and admitting that he tried to “fuck” a married woman but he failed.


This was Trump denying the allegations that he ever actually groped women.  This denial occurred during the televised national debate.


CNN has reported that 11 women have come forward and confirmed that Donald Trump did in fact engage in sexual harassment.


Now Miss Finland, a woman from another country, with no stake in the American election, has come forward to state that Trump grabbed her in the butt on two occasions.  The truly amazing thing is that during an interview on CNBC he said:  “  These vicious claims are totally and absolutely false.” Trump told Chris Wallace that Hillary got these women to make these false claims. In an effort to convince people that he didn’t grope these women he attacked their appearance and suggested that “Look at her.” “I don’t think so.”  Thus if the allegations of these 11 women are true, Trump not only disrespected them in the past by groping them, but he is now calling them liars.  Trump suggests that they are simply making the allegations to get attention.  He is doubling down on the disrespect for women.  It is not credible to think that so many women over such a long period of time, from so many different circumstances would make such allegations if they were untrue.  All the while SarahPalin remains silent.  After she labeled one of Cain’s accusers a “broad” she admitted that if the allegations were true, well…boy will be boys,…but they shouldn’t be the President.    Now, when Trump faces accusations by more women than implicated Cain, Palin remains noticeably silent.  Bristol is silent.  Willow is silent.  Of course Todd and Track are silent.  There is not a member of the Palin family who is willing to stand up for women and denounce any man who would disrespect women.  I guess when the head of the household is a pimp, disrespecting women is to be expected.




12 thoughts on “Nobody in the Palin Family Cares if Trump Disrespects Women

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  1. I’d rather have a womanizer for president than a woman like Hillary Clinton who has done so many things that are illegal and shady and most likely even involved in even disappearances and murder!! This woman in no way should be allowed to run for President. Most men talk about women the Trump does. Not that it ok but it is what it is. He is a hard working person and certainly hasn’t done the illegalcrap she has done. I don’t understand how anyone could vote for a person like Hillary.


      1. Lol. No one approves of degrading women. Nice spin you sociopathic blogger. People disapprove of double standards.


    1. Thankfully it is not left up to you, Lisa. This is who Donald Trump is:

      Apparently you are lacking a formal education, and can’t research the legal problems of Donald Trump. Go back to school, Palinbot, you should not have dropped out of High School.


    2. “Hard working?” Are you with Trump 24/7? Do you travel with him? Trump tells people what to do, if and when he is at work. People wait on him hand and foot. His hardest task each day is sitting with his stylist for an hour or two getting his bald spot covered up.


  2. Your heading is so correct. All anyone has to do is look at Todd’s history and Sarah and Bristol’s shabby attempts to project sex appeal. Secrecy and trashy projection – their family legacy.


  3. Malia – After Sarah got the taste of the limelight when she was the VP candidate in 2008, she wanted more more more! She craves attention and money, but she cares nothing about women or their issues. Wasn’t it while she was governor of AK that rape victims had to pay for their own rape kits? How is that even possible?

    If Sarah had educated herself for the last 8 years and become involved in women’s issues, become a spokeswoman for the developmentally disabled, signed on to be a voice for veterans, or shown compassion for others (in particular women and children), then maybe, just maybe, the Wasilla loon wouldn’t be sitting around her compound anxiously waiting Trump’s call! Instead, for the last eight years, Sarah chose reality shows, an occasional appearance on FOX news, and making speeches full of incoherent gibberish and hate!


    1. Sharon,
      Yes,you are right about the rape kits and about the damage Palin has done to the image of professional women. She is an embarrassment to women and such a good example of how the Republican Party views women.


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