Throw Back Wednesday: Politicususa Predicted that Sarah Had Helped Hillary Win!



This was the speech Sarah gave proclaiming her endorsement of Trump.

This is the speech Sarah gave which was highlighted by Politicususa as perhaps the most important speech given by a celebrity to help Hillary win the nomination.

That was July of this year.  Palin’s speech was “so full of the usual bitter and half-baked rage of a woman who desperately misses the spotlight” that Palin reminded voters why we should reject anyone Sarah Palin endorses.  “It would be easy to call Palin an idiot and dismiss her, but that would be ignoring what she really is. Sarah Palin is a hatemonger who appeals to ugliest elements of American society. Before there was Donald Trump, there was Sarah Palin.”  “Every time Sarah Palin opens her mouth to speak for Donald Trump, she delivers more votes to Hillary Clinton. Palin presence reminds the American people of why they should never vote for Trump. If Palin keeps talking, she is going to get Hillary Clinton elected president.”

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  1. Some times smart women are just to polite. Megan Kelly did not serve justice to the Newt and trumpette. Megan could have reminded mr Viagra newton about his 3 marriages and those of his sex crazed pals. But Newt bullied and reversed it and said, “you are obsessed with sex” . Good Grief. The entire year has been about how much and how big mr t rump and his fingers are and his wonderful drug infested, glamorous lifestyle, of sex games.


  2. I’ve been worrying about what is next for Sarah Palin.

    Sarah PAC donations seem to be drying up like the Saharah Dessert.

    Also too, SarahPAC is now spending is faster than it’s grifting, the whole thing is going down faster than Donald Trump’s campaign.

    At first I thought maybe Sarah could work at some doctor’s office, maybe Dr I.P. Freely is hiring? I think his office in the same block as Dr. Jack Me Off.

    Then I saw an important job has opened. It’s in Alaska also too. This job description seems like it was written for Sarah Special if I ever saw a moose shit! The pay seems generous. The current person earned $191,000.

    Look at the job description!

    The ideal replacement for Jessee, Webb said, will have business and natural resources experience, as well as a history with mental health issues.

    Sarah is supposed to know all about public business on private emails, and drilling everywhere and also too that yooge (we are talking tens of billions of dollars!) natural gas pipeline that Sarah helped TransCanada build when she was governor…and then the history with mental health issues…

    I hope someone lets her know about this job.


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