I Voted! Have YOU???


Monday was the first day of early voting in Dallas.  Dallas voters smashed previous records, with 58,213 people voting on Monday alone.The previous record in Dallas County was set in 2008, when 34,415 people cast ballots on the first day of early voting.


Election administrators in Tarrant County(Ft. Worth) reported a first-day turnout of about 43,000 voters, also a record.   Collin County(North ofDallas)  smashed its previous record for the first day of early voting, as 30,288 people cast ballots Monday, nearly twice the previous record of just over 16,000 in 2012.

I thought I was being clever to wait till today to vote early. My reasoning for going today was to avoid the people anxious to vote for the first woman to be President.  I went at 2:00 pm to avoid the crowds associated the people on their way to work, people on lunch break, people picking up kids from school, and people getting off work.  Despite my strategic planning, the line to vote in Dallas county was 30 minutes long.  I had the misfortune of waiting in line next to two men who were outspoken Donald Trump supporters.  One spoke with a thick east Texas accent and was missing at least two teeth.  The toothless man was commiserating with another Trump supporter who had such an over sized gut that his belt could not be visualized as a result of  the massive girth of his abdomen that covered the entire belt.  As I sat on my walker, listening to the conversation, it  was as if I wasn’t there.  These two Texas men were unconcerned that I might have a different opinion.  They obviously assumed that any women voting for Hillary were simply a nuisance.  When the election is over, I wonder if they will pay more attention?


4 thoughts on “I Voted! Have YOU???

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  1. I have been an independent poll monitor. This election I will vote in person so I can see if there is any illegal activity. Party observers have to stay outside the 100 foot barrier. They cannot be inside the voting place.


  2. In plain english. 8yrs ago I thought there was not a worst candidate until this year. t rump is worst. The nasty ugly pile of toxic dna makes my skin crawl and I want to throw up all over.


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