At Least One “Expert” Predicts Trump Will Win!



Many of us are feeling pretty comfortable that Hillary is about the become the first female American President.  However one “expert” has predicted that Trump will win.


Please encourage everyone to vote!

6 thoughts on “At Least One “Expert” Predicts Trump Will Win!

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  1. We need to prove this ONE guy wrong. It’s all about getting out the vote.

    If people still want to give money, give it to the organizations trying for a majority in the Senate. With a majority in the Senate, we can keep America moving in a progressive direction instead of in a regressive one with Trump.


  2. OK, this guy is probably very intelligent, not a quack, but a hustler, like Donald. With any study combining science and math, you can skew the outcome by working toward a goal instead of letting the result come naturally. This “expert” took key aspects about Trump and then searched for matching identifiers in all of the winners.
    It is almost like saying Trump has testicles, and all of the previous winners had at least one. So my research is valid. Based on previous winners, odds favor a human with testicles.


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