Hey Donald-You’re Going to Hear Us Roar!

In 1971 Helen Reddy released I am  woman“.  It was a #1 hit, and sold over a million copies.  It was a song about the power of women.  The image associated with the “roar” of a woman was unmistakable.



In 2013 Katy Perry released “Roar” also proclaiming the independence and power of women.  That song sold over 9.9 million copies.


Until today Donald Trump didn’t seem too concerned with respecting women, or the power of their vote.  Today, if he’s not paying attention, his campaign manager is.


In three crucial battlegrounds — North Carolina, Florida and Georgia — women are casting early ballots in disproportionate numbers. And in North Carolina, a must-win state for Trump with detailed early voting data available, it’s clear that Democratic women have been particularly motivated to vote.


In North Carolina, 87,000 Democratic women have already moved to cast early ballots compared with just 60,000 Republican women. Men in the state, meanwhile, are closely divided: 50,000 Republicans and 52,000 Democrats.


The funny thing is that we are laughing at the Donald.  The statute of limitations may have run on the claims of sexual harassment, but Trump will still hear us roar.


It’s only coincidental that a woman is running against Donald Trump.  Women carried the vote for Obama in 2008, so women aren’t voting based on the gender of the candidate.  We are voting for the candidate who respects women.


4 thoughts on “Hey Donald-You’re Going to Hear Us Roar!

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  1. Let’s hope that roar is a 75% landslide for Clinton, 50% of it from women. Any man who has a mother, wife, daughter, or girlfriend should cast their vote AGAINST the racist, sexist head of the new fascism in the US.


  2. Love Helen Reddy. and her music. That has always been one of my favorite songs. Strange that it is now so timely – after Trump’s “nasty woman” comment. He is such a fool. He just keeps stepping in it.


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