Trump’s Not Worried; Latinos Don’t Vote!

Some people wondered why Trump went out of his way to disparage Latinos.  Not only are they rapists,

but they are “bad hombres.”


Now, for the first time, a member of the GOP has explained why Trump was unafraid to disparage Latinos.  They don’t vote!  Trump recently visited San Antonio, a Texas city that is   predominantly Hispanic or Latino.  Maybe he is worried that Texas is about to turn blue.  Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott is worried.    Texas has 38 electoral votes.  It is second only to California.  Perhaps Abbott should be worried.  More than 89 percent of polled Latino registered voters stated they would more than likely cast ballots this year. Even in 2008  81.7 percent of Hispanic registered voters cast ballots in 2012, the year Democratic President Barack Obama ran successfully against Republican Mitt Romney.   In 2016, Texas has 7 percent of the 538 electoral votes up for grabs and 14 percent of the 270 electoral votes needed to win the general election. Between 1900 and 2012, Texas cast votes for the winning presidential candidate 65.52 percent of the time.  Texas allocates all its electoral votes to the winner.  Thus, if Trump loses the majority of voters in Texas, he loses all the Texas delegates.  Perhaps Jan Brewer and Donald Trump should be worried that the state of Texas is starting to look more and more blue.


If that happens we’ll all be laughing with George Lopez!

6 thoughts on “Trump’s Not Worried; Latinos Don’t Vote!

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  1. I saw the photo and story today about Eric Trump and wife in photo with Latino Lady with t shirt that said “Latinos Contra Trump” whichs means latinos against trump. lol. big smiles.


  2. I hope these videos will be widely circulated in Texas, Malia. Texas has been governed for too long by whackos, starting with George W, then Rick Perry and now the bottom of the pit, Greg Abbott, who is certifiably stupid. All of them offer a great case for term limits!

    Love George Lopez’s video. We also need a new Mollie Ivens now.


  3. Does anyone know if there are volunteer groups providing transportation to the voting places? I’m with Lopez, I will drive “Bad Hombres” to their voting location and back. I’d even rent a minivan to provide a comfortable ride.


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