Trump’s Solution to Claims of Sexual Harassment-File Suit-AFTER Election


Donald Trump responds to claims of sexual harassment.  He isn’t filing suit.  He’s THREATENING TO FILE SUIT, AFTER THE ELECTION. Remember when Sarah Palin’s attorney  threatened to sue Joe McGinnis for defamation?  The reality is that it costs nothing to THREATEN to sue anyone for any reason.  Truth is a defense to a defamation suit.  Once a suit is filed for defamation, the defendants would have the right to take the deposition of Donald Trump.  That’s right.  Attorneys for the abused women would be entitled to take the sword testimony of Donald Trump regarding sexual groping and/or harassment and/or rape of women and underage girls.  If Trump gave the deposition he’d be forced to lie, which would expose him to criminal charges for perjury.  If he told the truth he’d be open to criminal charges for the illegal touching.  Thus, threatening suit is the best the Donald will ever do to address these allegations.




Donald, like Sarah, can threaten suit, but the fear of the truth being revealed will ensure that he will never follow through.


7 thoughts on “Trump’s Solution to Claims of Sexual Harassment-File Suit-AFTER Election

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  1. I’d like to see a lie detector attached to the testicles of men who harass, abuse or rape women, Trump included.

    I’d also like to be a fly on the wall in the gilded Trump condo, overhearing the ‘dialog’ between Melania and Donald, as these revelations continue to grow in number.


  2. I remember in the 90’s silicone breast controversy the ceo received a letter suggesting that he try replacing his testicles with silicone testicles so that he might understand the legitimate complaints of women and silicone breast implants. LOL….we giggled.(;


  3. It sounds like trump will be in court for the next few years. So many lawsuits and his “brand” is damaged. He is in big trouble. I don’t take delight in this and I do not appreciate him running for president. He has harmed our country and wasted our time with his nasty behavior and mouth.


  4. Trump’s business success is second only to his courtroom success. He loses most of his lawsuits and about half of his Trump branded investments fail.

    The most ironic thing in this legal activity is the term “suit.” For a billionaire, Donald looks like he gets suits from his big brother. He has to be the worst dressed rich guy in the world.


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